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    Official: Such personnel may be recruited for the establishment of a career.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-23
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    Hubei release, such personnel, into the compilation

    this year's government work report mentioned that the outbreak at the end of 2019, China's public health emergency management and other aspects exposed a lot of weak links

    reforming the disease prevention and control system, improving the status of disease control, and paying attention to the direct reporting of infectious diseases and early warning systems, is the focus of this year's focus on filling the gaps and detecting gaps

    recently, Ma Xiaowei, secretary and director of the Party Group of the National Health And Wellness Commission, published an article in the Learning Times, in which he said, "We should consider, grasp and plan health and health work as a major socio-political issue."

    specific how to reform the disease control system, improve the capacity of public health services, Hubei Province out

    On July 6,

    , hubei Province Xinguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command held the 117th press conference, interpretation of the "on the reform and improvement of the province's disease prevention and control system implementation of the opinion" and other series of documents

    , Hubei Provincial Health Committee Deputy Director Tu Yuanyuan introduced, our province will be not less than the resident population of 1.75 / 10,000 fully equipped with disease control institutions personnel, improve the cdc protection policy

    Tu Far the far the introduction, "on the reform and improvement of the province's disease prevention and control system of the implementation of the opinion" clearly put forward, in the protection policy, clearly put forward, in accordance with the proportion of the resident population of 1.75 / 10,000 approved the province's disease prevention and control institutions staffing and fully equipped

    Tu Yuanyuan introduction, "Implementation Opinion" requires continuous public health institutions in the public health institutions for a certain number of years and health professional and technical titles of non-staff personnel, can take an open and merit-based way of targeted recruitment for the establishment

    of personnel; Epidemiological and health emergency rescue application-oriented leading personnel special, promote international exchange and cooperation of public health personnel,

    allow public health institutions to carry out socialized public health technical services, improve the proportion of provincial, municipal and county-level disease prevention and control institutions professional and technical senior positions, expand the recruitment autonomy of public health institutions, the implementation of public health urgently needed talent special recruitment

    to improve the attraction of disease control positions, disease control performance management mechanism should also be changed, the previous drought and flood protection of the big pot of rice must be broken

    meeting proposed that in Hubei Province CDC, Wuhan City, Puyang City, Yichang City CDC to explore the implementation of public welfare first-class protection and public welfare two-class management pilot, and allow the CDC to break through the current level of wage regulation of institutions, allowing the completion of the approved tasks on the basis of the provision of medical and health technical services, income deduction costs and withdrawal of funds in accordance with the provisions of the main personnel awards

    through this reform, the DISEASE control agencies will be the same as public hospitals, the implementation of more work, excellent labor, the enthusiasm of disease control personnel to be enhanced

    meeting clearly put forward, to improve the level of pay security, and gradually narrow the pay gap between public health institutions and public hospitals, public health practitioners pay level is not lower than the local level of comprehensive medical institutions in the same year clinicians

    this initiative strongly guarantees the income level and various guarantees of public health practitioners

    , according to the Hubei Daily, a hubei provincial health and sanitation committee personnel department head said, "talent is the first resource." "
    will introduce a series of measures from the number, quality, structure, ability, incentive and guarantee mechanism of public health personnel, among which many innovative measures are refreshing: the public health emergency management into the cadre education and training and all levels of Party schools (administrative colleges) and socialist college training system:

    in the provincial and municipal three-level disease prevention and control institutions set up a chief public health physician, participate in major outbreaks and emergency management decisions: township health hospitals dedicated to public health personnel

    it seems that to enhance the public health service capacity, the first thing is to seize talent, enhance the attraction of disease control positions

    Hubei Province's approach has also set a national reform wind vane, only the treatment has been improved, talent in place, in order to smoothly reform the public health service system, improve professional services and emergency response capacity.
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