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    Official Xuan: new drugstore one day to close support single, small chain

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 10th, a new drugstore, one day can get a license to openThe opening ofdrugstores, one day to closerecently, the Shandong Provincial People's Government Office issued "on the protection of residents employment, protection of basic people's livelihood, to protect the main body of the work of the "measures"), and the "measures" from the date of publication(picture source: intercepted to the Shandong Provincial People's Government Network), "Measures" Article 9 clearly, to expand the "one industry, one certificate" reformBy the end of June 2020, the reform of "one industry, one certificate" will be fully implemented, and the online and offline parallel processing will be carried out to achieve the "one-test quasi-camp"The enterprise start-up link from 5 compressed to 2, the closing time from 3 working days reduced to 1 working day, the implementation of seal engraving, invoices and tax control equipment collection, seal delivery "three free."This also means that the enterprise start-up and ushered in a good, not only approval can be completed in a working day, even the seal engraving, invoices and tax control equipment to collect, the cost of the receipt of the seal is uselessOf course, such benefits also benefit retail pharmaciesDrugstore approval, pressure reduced to 1
    according to Shandong Province, "one industry, one certificate" reform requirements, in restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies and other 20 industries pilot "one industry, one certificate" reform, will be a number of industry license sits, merged into a relevant administrative licensing information industry comprehensive licenseAmong them, the drugstore industry's "one industry, one certificate" reform is more representative, in the past to open a pharmacy, often need multiple documents, includingGSPcertificate,drugbusiness license, food business license, equipment business licenseNow in Shandong Province to open a pharmacy, a "comprehensive license for the industry" can be doneAlthough a pharmacy is opened with only one certificate, the approval time of this certificate is still to be completed within a few business daysFor example, the future city store of Rizhao Shuyu Civilian Big Pharmacy Co., Ltdis the pilot "one industry, one certificate" reform in Rizhao City, the first to get the pharmacy version of the "industry comprehensive license", the approval time from the 23 working days before the reform of the commitment time limit compressed to 5 working daysIf in accordance with the "measures" requirements, which also means that the next in Shandong to get the pharmacy version of the "industry comprehensive license" approval time will be compressed until 1 working dayOf course, the drugstore version of the "industry comprehensive license" approval time pressure reduced to 1 working day is not a hole to wind, from the pilot in Shandong Province, there are places to achieve this goalWenshang County, Shandong Province is a better example, according to the head of the local administrative approval service bureau, before the reform, apply for pharmacies, to get the required few documents need more than a monthNow, the applicant only need to fill out a form, submit a set of materials, through a acceptance, one day to complete, you can achieve the "one permit camp."Official lying, support single, small chainin addition, Shandong Province, "measures" to give good news is not only this oneFor monoletstores and small chains, the following support is also availableFirst, increase tax exemptionOn the basis of the full implementation of the national tax reduction and reduction policy, within the local authority, from the date of publication of the document to December 31, 2020, the of individual industrial and commercial households and micro-
    enterprises shall be exempted from all taxes and fees   Second, extend the rent relief For individual industrial and commercial households and micro-enterprises that rent operating properties of state-owned assets, on the basis of the preferential policies that have been introduced to reduce or halve the collection of rent, the period of rent collection in half will be extended to 31 December 2020   Third, the implementation of the training subsidies for work For small and medium-sized enterprises newly absorbed employment
    difficult persons, zero-employment family members, college graduates who leave school within 2 years, register edited unemployed persons for employment and for employment registration, organize and carry out training on behalf of the workers, according to the number of absorption of enterprises to give 500 yuan / person per month, up to 6 months of vocational training subsidies   Fourth, strengthen the financial support of credit funds For self-employed and micro-enterprises that maintain the status of the existing mortgage guarantee and undertake basic employment stability, loans due from 1 June to 31 December 2020 are allowed to be extended, and the repayment date may be extended to 31 March 2021, with no penalty Financial institutions shall extend their efforts and shall not refuse to process it for any reason   Fifth, the development of online sales Self-employed and micro-enterprises are encouraged to use the industrial Internet, foreign trade export platforms, e-commerce platforms for operation and sales, and local finance to provide cost support   At the same time, the Measures also emphasize that the relevant policy measures introduced in the province continue to be implemented, inconsistent with this measure, the measure will prevail Each county (city or district) shall clarify and publish the complaint acceptance platform, and respond to and deal with the complaints of enterprises and the masses in accordance with the principle of "receiving the complaints and doing it" For units and individuals whose implementation is not effective, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels shall be held accountable and held accountable
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