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    Oil-to-water case|The alternative process of water-based insulating paint helps the green development of the motor industry!

    • Last Update: 2021-04-17
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    Project Overview

    Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Co.
    , Ltd.
    was established in 2004 and is located in Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
    It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of various high-efficiency, energy-saving and safe AC induction motors and DC inverter motors.
    There is a varnish dipping process in the production process of the company's motor.
    In 2016, water-based insulating paint was introduced.
    After the experiment was successful, it was gradually promoted.
    In 2017, all oil-based insulating paints were replaced with water-based insulating paints.
    The problem of VOCs emission was solved from the source, and the product quality was improved.
    Effective promotion.

    Highlight work

    The project adopts the water-based insulating paint substitution process, achieving 100% source substitution of oil-based insulating paint, greatly reducing the use of high-VOCs coatings, reducing the difficulty of tail end treatment, and realizing environmentally friendly operating coating online coatingol.
    The key technology of the project adopts high-efficiency paint dipping process and production equipment.
    On the basis of replacing all oil-based insulating paint with water-based insulating paint, the amount of paint used is simultaneously reduced and the difficulty in end treatment is reduced.
    The water-based insulating paint uses modified polyester resin and modified acrylic resin as the main resin, adding some co-solvents (reducing the requirement of water solubility for the number of hydrophilic groups in the main resin, while improving the volatility of water and assisting in film formation.
    The role of the agent to meet the basic requirements of insulating paint).

     The innovation point of the project is through the research and development of water-based insulating paint components, which successfully achieved a breakthrough in the paint effect; through the transformation of production equipment, it is finally ensured that the water-based paint film is completely dried, and the drying time is shortened, and the amount of paint used is simultaneously reduced.

    Water-based insulating paint use site

    Technical and economic indicators

    Before the source replacement rectification, the VOCs content in the paint was 85%.
    After the complete transformation, through the replacement of water-based insulating paint, the improvement of production equipment, and the transformation of efficient waste gas collection and treatment facilities, the emission reduction of VOCs can reach 95%.
    The air quality of the working environment of the workers in the workshop has been significantly improved.
    The amount of hazardous waste such as paint buckets and waste activated carbon is greatly reduced, which reduces the processing cost.
    Water-based insulating paint uses water as a diluent, reducing the cost by 10%.
    The water-based insulating paint is packaged in a recyclable plastic box, instead of using iron drums, the cost is reduced by 5%.
    The work intensity of personnel is greatly reduced, and the number of operators is reduced.

    Social and environmental benefits

    After the full implementation of source substitution, VOCs emissions were reduced by about 84 tons, which solved the VOCs emission problem to a greater extent from the source, complied with environmental protection requirements, and contributed to green development.
    After the transformation, the pollutant discharge is reduced, and the pollutant discharge under the total control condition is further achieved, which is conducive to improving the surrounding environment, and the environmental impact is within a tolerable range, thus laying a solid foundation for the environmental function zone to reach the standard.
    , To provide favorable conditions for the creation of a good human settlement environment, with good environmental and social benefits.
    From the perspective of overall operation, after the product is changed to use water-based insulating paint, the product grade has been upgraded to a new level: the heat resistance, thermal conductivity, electrical performance, moisture resistance and mechanical strength of the product winding insulation are not used in the original oil-based insulation.
    Under the paint; saving the cost of the enterprise.

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