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    Omicron could drop rapidly in US and UK

    • Last Update: 2022-01-25
    • Source: Internet
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    Health: Covid-19 is likely to peak in the UK and will reach the same level in the US, at which point cases could start to drop sharply

    Why: The mutated virus has proven so contagious that a month and a half after it was first detected in South Africa, there may be no one left to infect

    At the same time, experts warn that there are still many uncertainties about how the next phase of the pandemic might unfold
    The stagnation or recession of contagion in the two countries did not happen everywhere at the same time or at the same pace

    Even if conditions improve, patients and hospitals will face weeks or months of pain

    In fact, he said, based on the university's complex calculations, the true number of new infections in the US daily - including those who had never been tested - had peaked, reaching 6 million in the UK on January 6 Kevin McConway, a retired professor of applied statistics at the Open University, said that while cases were still rising in places like the south-west and mid-west of England, the outbreak was likely to peak in London

    These figures give rise to hope that the two countries are about to witness what is happening in South Africa
    In South Africa, surf hits record highs before plunging again about a month later

    Differences between the UK and South Africa, including the UK's older population and the UK's tendency to spend more time indoors in winter, could mean a more volatile outbreak in that country and others like it by then, however, Hunter said.
    And others predict the world will surpass the surge of omicron

    "There may be some ups and downs along the way, but I hope by Easter we'll be out of that," Hunt said

    Still, for fragile health systems, the number of people infected can be overwhelming, said Dr.
    Prabhat Jha of the Centre for Global Health Research at St.
    Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

    "The next few weeks will be brutal because in absolute numbers, with so many people infected, it will spread to the ICU," Jha said.

    Mokdad also warned: "It's going to be a tough two or three weeks
    We'll have to make tough decisions to keep certain essential workers on the job because we know they could be contagious


    "At the end of this wave, there will be more people infected with some kind of mutated coronavirus," Myers said
    "At some point, we'll be able to draw a line -- and Omicron could be that point -- from a catastrophic global threat to a more manageable disease


    It's a seemingly viable future, she said, but it's also possible that a new variant -- one that's far worse than omicron'


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