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    On January 1, 2015, the "Environmental Protection Law" was formally implemented for water-based paint companies to welcome huge business opportunities

    • Last Update: 2021-11-08
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       Global Coatings Network News:

       Global Coatings Network News:

      "On January 1 next year, the newly revised "Environmental Protection Law" will be implemented.
    With the implementation of the "Environmental Protection Law" that has been hailed by the industry as the most stringent in domestic The rapid changes in the demand for healthy products, some experts pointed out that the Chinese coatings market will have more changes.
    How big will the market change in the future? This may be evident from the 2014 China International Coatings Exhibition held in Guangzhou this month.
    Dow, DuPont, Bye The international giants of coating materials such as China have appeared at the exhibition in high profile and held a series of seminars, among which "environmental protection" is the theme of everyone's common choice.

      In the future, consumers will be more critical of product requirements.
    Will the paint market belong to water-based paints in the next spring? Is the future way out for coating solutions that can meet environmental protection, high quality, and functionality at the same time? With these questions, the reporter found after interviewing many industry experts that although the current market utilization rate of environmentally friendly coatings in China is less than 50%, taking water-based coatings as an example, due to the lack of market maturity, end users are more sensitive to prices.
    Factors such as those have always been in a state of "industry hot, market cold", but some experts pointed out that under the upcoming implementation of new environmental regulations, water-based coatings are expected to usher in huge development opportunities.

    Coatings Market Coatings Market Coatings MarketCoatings Market

      A Big business opportunity for water-based coatings is coming

      "The world-class paint giants in this exhibition are paying great attention.
    " Speaking of this year's paint exhibition, Huang Yonghan, director of the coating professional committee of the Guangdong Paint Industry Association said.
    It can be seen from their performance that, for example, Dow Coatings and the Construction Chemicals Business Unit have recently held three consecutive seminars on innovative coating technology and new technology with different topics, and many well-known experts attended each time.
    DuPont launched a new translation for its new products this year-"Chuntai".
    Huang Yonghan said that in the past, many products of foreign companies, especially those belonging to industrial raw materials, used simpler transliteration.
    This time DuPont was very careful and even explained every word on its official Weibo, "so exhausted.
    " Mind, this is the first time.



      The high-profile approach of foreign giants this year is very different from the past.
    In the past, due to the concerns of intellectual property protection, they were more cautious when they came to China to participate in exhibitions.
    There are even fewer high-profile seminars.
    In this exhibition, seminars held by major paint and raw materials companies have been one after another.
    Less worry in this regard.

      Why are the giants so attentive? "Because the big business opportunity for water-based coatings is coming!" Huang Yonghan said, "Once, oil-based coatings that are harmful to the environment were the dominant position in the coatings market.
    Under the implementation of new environmental regulations, the entire production and sales pattern is changing.
    , The huge market opportunities have allowed foreign giants to participate in high-profile exhibitions.

      Small domestic companies have also seen the business opportunities.
    Take this year’s Coatings Show as an example.
    In previous years, the ratio of the exhibition area of ​​foreign raw material companies to similar domestic companies was 2:1.
    This year, the exhibition area of ​​domestic companies has expanded, and it is the third largest among foreign companies.

      B Water-based paint has equipment bottlenecks

      Huang Yonghan and Luo Kai, Business Director of Dow's Coating Materials Business Department, Greater China, introduced that the current coating industry is divided into four categories: architectural coatings, automotive coatings, industrial anti-corrosion coatings (including ships and containers), and non-metallic coatings (including furniture, wood, etc.
    Although water-based paints currently account for about 1/3 of the total market in architectural coatings, water-based paints have accounted for about 95% of the market share, but in the other three categories, the market share of water-based paints is not high, including those that are often exposed to ordinary consumers.
    Wood furniture coatings, only 5%-8% of furniture companies use water-based coatings.

      Why are furniture companies reluctant to use water-based paint? Huang Yonghan told reporters that first, consumers are not concerned about whether the paint used in finished furniture is water-based or oil-based.
    Moreover, most wood furniture companies can only use oil-based paint in their production lines.
    If you switch to water-based paint, it will cost a lot of money.
    Update production equipment.

      However, after the implementation of new environmental regulations, many wood furniture companies may increase their demand for water-based coatings.
    "From the perspective of market share, the proportion of water-based coatings is still very low, but its development speed is very fast.
    For example, in the wood coatings that occupied a relatively large share in the market in the past, although water-based coatings only accounted for single digits, However, its growth rate is several times that of solvent coatings.
    With the introduction of the New Deal now, some companies believe that even if they only start from self-discipline, the demand growth will be very large.
    ” Luo Kai said, “especially in first- and second-tier cities , The new demand driven by consumers will be more obvious.


      New environmental requirements give birth to new demands

      Guo Hongfei, director of R&D for the Asia-Pacific region of Dow's coating materials business unit, believes that for Chinese consumers, the outdoor environment in many large cities is not so good.
    Therefore, everyone hopes that the home environment will be better, and the coating will naturally require low toxicity and low toxicity.
    VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) etc.
    The new environmental protection regulations are not only low VOC, low toxicity, "Now consumers attach great importance to the health protection of coating products, such as no irritating smell, no chemical toxins, etc.
    , and can even help clean the air in the room.
    To eliminate harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

      Yin Xiangzhe, general manager of Nippon Engineering Division, also said that energy conservation and environmental protection are a major development trend of architectural coatings.
    In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, it not only means that products should cause less harm to the environment, but also help building energy conservation.
    For example, some coatings can help buildings achieve heat insulation and heat preservation effects-by reflecting sunlight and slowing down Heat transfer, lower indoor temperature, and achieve energy saving and environmental protection effects.
    Such products usually save 4%-9% of cooling power every year.

      And some technological advancements will also promote the popularization of environmentally friendly coatings.
    Guo Hongfei said that in the past, anti-seepage, pollution resistance and low VOC were difficult to reconcile contradictions.
    Now many advanced companies have found a more reasonable balance between the two, and they can also take care of the demand for cost performance.

      The innovation in nozzle technology has also allowed more water-based coatings to be popularized in the production process of wood furniture.
    "I saw a new nozzle produced by a French company at the Coatings Show.
    It can turn a production line that could only use oil-based paint into water-based paint.
    The highest price of one of them is only 28,000 yuan.
    Global Paint Network It is understood that in the past, many companies could only choose to replace the entire set of equipment when replacing water-based paints, and the cost may be several million yuan.
    Now this product can solve similar technical bottlenecks and will make more furniture companies willing to use water-based paint.

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      Raw material prices have fallen sharply

      Paint prices may not drop next year

      This year, international crude oil prices fell again and again, from the peak of 180 US dollars/barrel to the 80 US dollars/barrel mark.
    On December 16, oil prices tried again to fall below the low level for many years.
    The main force of the New York Mercantile Exchange in January The crude oil contract fell 1.
    90 US dollars on Monday to close at 55.
    91 US dollars a barrel, a decrease of 3.
    This is the lowest closing price of the main contract since May 2009.
    Oil prices in New York have plummeted 43% this year.

      However, coatings are mostly by-products of petroleum, and the prices of their raw materials are also falling.
    Huang Yonghan introduced that taking the common coating raw material toluene as an example, the quotation has dropped from 18,000 yuan/ton to 7,000 yuan/ton, and the prices of other coating raw materials such as titanium dioxide.
    There is also a significant downward adjustment.

      If the price of raw materials falls, the price of paint will also fall next year? Huang Yonghan thinks it may not.
    Because the profit margin of the coatings industry has generally declined in the past few years, the profit margin of the industry is not high, and there is a chance that the profit margin is slightly higher, and companies may not be willing to cut prices.
    Of course, the final price of paint mainly depends on the relationship between supply and demand.
    If the demand in the construction industry is significantly saturated next year, then the price of paint is expected to fall.
    Otherwise, in the monopolistic paint market, companies may not lightly reduce prices.

      Experts teach the way

      Scent is not the same as poison

      Many people have lived in a new house, and the first thing you may feel when you move into a new house is something interesting.
    It is easy for people to equate the taste of the home with the health of the home environment.
    In the perception of many consumers, the smell of the paint used for decoration is low, which indicates that the VOC is low, so that the house will be safer and you can live in it soon after the decoration.

      Guo Hongfei, director of R&D for the Asia-Pacific region of Dow's coating materials business unit, reminds us that we cannot simply equate VOC with taste, although they are related.
    But they are not absolutely related.
    In addition, VOC and taste have a certain relationship with everyone's health, but they are not absolutely related.
    Therefore, one cannot simply assume that odorous paint must be toxic, nor that odorless space must be non-toxic.
    If there is no condition for long-term ventilation after renovation, it is best to pass the air quality test before moving in.
    (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network http:// )

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