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    On the technical problems of the use of automatic thermostatic defrosting instrument

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    automatic constant temperature defrosting device water bath type, dry type, swing type three, frozen plasma in the thawing, because the plasma bag and water direct contact, resulting in plasma bag surface label easily fall off or blurred, seriously affecting the identification and distribution of plasma, while the blood vessel mouth and water contact prone to pollutionIf in the process of thawing, the damage of the plasma bag can easily cause water pollution, carefully developed a digital thermostatic cycle thawing boxautomatic thermostatic defrosting device consists of water storage heating area and thawing areaThe water is heated to a set temperature in the storage tank and stored in the storage area, which is then fed into the thawing area by a circulating pump, and then circulated into the water storage heating area for heating after heating in the thawing areaThe heated water is then circulated to the thawing area, so that the circulating water speeds up the heat exchange between frozen plasma and water, so that the temperature of the plasma quickly reaches the temperature suitable for input into the human bodyfully automatic thermostatic defrosting device using water circulation system for defrosting, rapid, full, no instantaneous temperature difference, temperature balance, will not destroy the active components of plasmaStainless steel inner bile, to ensure that the water quality is clean and hygienicAutomatic rehydration without manual operationfully automatic thermostatic defrosting device defrosting is to raise the temperature of frozen meat, so that its ice crystals melt into water, back to the pre-freeze state of the processing processThawing and freezing are as important as the operation process in the meat industry, the choice of thawing method determines the quality of meat, but also directly related to the interests of the meat industryThere are two types of thawing methods according to the way of heating, namely, internal thawing and external thawingHeat transfer from a higher temperature medium to the frozen meat surface, heat is gradually transmitted from the surface to the center, that is, the so-called external thawing method, such as air, water thawingFrom the medium to the frozen parts of the meat at the same time heated to the internal thawing method, such as low frequency, high frequency, microwave and other thawing methodsVarious defrosting methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, according to different thawing objects to choose the appropriate thawing methods to ensure the quality of meat productsfully automatic thermostatic defrosting device has upper drainage function, studio does not need to leakThe use of imported magnetic circulation pump, no noise, silent operationLiquid crystal display system, line control is more intuitive and reliable After thawing, automatically control the dry blood bag, reducing the immersion time It has the automatic power-off function of the overtemperature alarm Fully automatic thermostatic defrosting device using flexible, good thermal performance materials, the plasma bag and water isolation, thus avoiding the plasma bag label fall off, plasma bag rupture, water pollution and other accidents According to the user's needs can be equipped with automatic descaling device, to ensure that the pipeline is clear
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