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    One of the goals pursued by the domestic press industry: to increase production

    • Last Update: 2020-03-02
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      Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis: A tablet press is a machine that suppresses dry granules or powdered materials into tablets through molds

    Depending on the model, the chip press can be divided into single-punch press, flower basket press, rotary chip press, sub-high-speed rotary chip press, fully automatic high-speed chip press and rotary core press

    Different models of tablet press function and application range is different, for example, single press machine is suitable for suppressing Chinese medicine tablets, Western tablets, etc., is a small benchelectric (manual) continuous tablet machine, can be powder-grained raw materials pressed into tablets, widely used in pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory trial and small-scale production, by the vast number of users in various industries; At the same time applicable to chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors will be pellet raw materials suppressed into tablets

    The machine is generally not suitable for semi-solid, wet particles, low melting point, moisture-prone raw materials and particle-free powder suppression

    In recent years, with the continuous development of chip technology, domestic press machine in technology is also innovative and progressive, domestic high-speed press equipment manufacturers are moving towards high-speed high-yield, closed, modular, automated, large-scale and other directions, and production increase has become the current pursuit of domestic manufacturers

    There are tablet manufacturers said, "capacity is the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies have always pursued the goal." Production capacity is large, but also to ensure product quality, in order to make the drugs made qualified

    "At present, the tablet manufacturer's products can not only ensure the quality of drug production, but also ensure the passing rate of drug production

    It is reported that the manufacturer's new series of fully automatic high-speed double-out press press, design capacity of more than 1 million

    At the same time, with the automation, digital, intelligent production trend, domestic pharmaceutical companies for the tablet press requirements are also constantly improving, because each enterprise develops products have different product positioning, many manufacturers at each stage, according to the market, the different needs of customers to develop and build products

    In addition, more and more domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are moving from a single equipment supplier to the overall solution to the solution

    There are tablet manufacturers said, "We are not only selling a device so simple, but with customers to do a deeper level of cooperation, to provide customers with a complete set of chip optimization programs, improve the user experience, to help customers solve practical problems." The relevant person in charge of the enterprise believes that improving the technology of the press is much more than selling a piece of equipment to harvest more

    "Before a customer bought our equipment, want to improve their original equipment a production capacity status, we in the process of communication with customers, found that there is indeed a lot of room for improvement, so to assist customers for equipment and technology, optimization, adjustment, transformation, etc., after the transformation of the capacity reached 4 times, to help customers solve the production capacity problem." The industry said that in recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, tablet manufacturers ushered in good opportunities and challenges

    In the increasingly fierce market competition, the tablet manufacturers should not pursue a single sales, but according to customer needs, go all out to help customers solve problems, to provide customers with thoughtful service, in order to win the favor and trust of customers, so as to enhance their core competitiveness.
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