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    • Last Update: 2021-03-14
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    , also known as The Whitehead, is native to Mexico's arid regions. Happy warm
    sunny environment. Adaptable, more resistant to cold, drought-resistant, high temperature. Magpie drains well with lime-containing sandy loam. Winter temperatures are not less than
    5 degrees Celsius.


    commonly used for seeding, planting and grafting. Sowing, spring using indoor pot seeding, 10-12 days after the seeding germination, seedlings grow faster. Grafting, in May-June will be adult plants cut to the top, prompting the shoals of more germination of the child ball as a spike. The birch can be used with a short hairball or a measure of the scale. Insertion, to graft seedlings after 3-4 years of growth can be removed birch, dried and inserted in the sand bed, rooting potted plants.


    potted soil in addition to rotting leaves, coarse sand and broken bricks, can be added some old ash wall chips. During the growth process, potted soil should not be too wet, especially in summer high temperature and winter low humidity. Ongzhu belongs to a column cactus, in order to prevent inverting or growing bending, a pillar should be set up. Its white hair is easy to get dirty, can be replaced with soapy water rinse, dry after the basin, keep white hair neat.

    Pests and diseases:

    sometimes caused by plaque and anthrax hazards, sprayed with 65% zinc dehumidifier powder 600 times. Pests are harmful to powder lice and red spiders, with 50% of the pine oil 1000 times the spray.


    column is a column of dense white hair cactus, in the origin of large species, plant height of 15 meters, stem thick 40 cm, very spectacular. Potted plants are generally controlled within 1 meter and need to reproduce and renew after being super-high. Suitable for door court, study and guest room layout, sloppy, smiling welcome guests.

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