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    • Last Update: 2020-11-08
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    Lily onions are perennian root herbs. Serve with leaves and leaves. Since ancient cultivation in China, the han's first series of "Arja" has been recorded.

    main cultivated species in China are leeks. Blade tube, hollow, green, first tip, leaf cylinder-shaped, clinging to become a false stem, color white, commonly known as onion white. The tissue
    the base of the leaf, and the onion leaves can continue to grow after harvesting. Stems are reduced to discs, with dense stringed roots around the discs. Umbrella-shaped spherical, located in the total. Flower white, 6 seeds per flower knot, 1,000 grains weigh 3 to 3.5 grams. There are two variants of onions and lou onions. It can also be divided into three types according to the height of the false stem: long white onion (onion), medium white onion (chicken leg onion) and short white onion (scale onion). Very cold, -10 degrees C can be free from frost damage, in northeast China can also be exposed to winter. The growth temperature is 20 to 25 degrees C. The root system is weak, very few root hairs. It is suitable for fertile sandy loam. Pumping before flowering requires about 2 months of low temperature, followed by more than 12 hours of long sun and high temperature conditions. Breed with seeds. For the purpose of harvesting onion white, more in autumn or early spring seedling, into the summer trench planting, during the growth of secondary soil cultivation and combined with fertilizer, in order to promote the formation of onion white, early winter harvest. For the purpose of collecting green onions, seeds can be sown at any time from spring to autumn. Onions multi-breed in autumn, the second year of early spring harvest. Common diseases are purple spot disease, frost mold disease, soft rot and rust disease;

    or leeks or leeks are two onion species cultivated in southern China. The former harvests in the spring and sleeps in the summer with bulbs;

    onion contains volatile sulphides, with a special spicy taste, is an important anti-fishing, condiments. Onions are sweet and crisp. Onion leaves and onion whites contain
    C, carotene and phosphorus more, Chinese medicine onions have sterilization, milk, diuretic, sleep and other effects.

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