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    Open the road of collection, Chinese medicine injections can Nirvana reborn?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Medical Network June 11th, a day ago, a medical security bureau issued by Qinghai Province, "on the submission of 2020 provincial centralized procurement of drug-related data notice" (the Youth Health Insurance Bureau issued no67) in the industry spreadAccording to the notice, there will be sputum heat clearing, thrombosis, blood plug pass, hi Yanping, dansan polyphenolic acid and other Chinese medicine injections into Qinghai Province grade-level procurementIn recent years, the clinical use of Chinese medicine injections is controversial, the rate of adverse reactions is high, and some provinces put it in the key monitoring directory, the industry also has a mixed phenomenon of fish and dragonHowever, in the process of combating the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, Chinese medicine injections such as Xi Yanping, blood must be clean, sputum fever and so on were included in the national diagnosis and treatment programAfter the outbreak of "baptism" after the Injection of Traditional Chinese medicine, can be included in the purchase of the amount of the opportunity to achieve the "Nirvana rebirth"?
    The last life-saving straw review the development of the Chinese medicine injection industry in the past 20 years, it can be said that has gone through a "low open high walk, high plate down" road.
    Shen Yong, chairman of Beijing Shengshi Kanglai Chinese Medicine Marketing Planning Co., Ltd., said that Chinese medicine injections reached a peak in 2015, and then disputes began to emerge, such as side effects, abuse, access to health insurance issues and so onAs a result, regulators began to introduce policies to limit their clinical useFor example, in 2017, the relevant departments issued "Chinese medicine injections are limited to secondary hospitals and above" and "partial injections limited to the use of disease specific requirements" and other policies, which led to the Chinese medicine injection market gradually shrink.
    Under the influence of policy and its own problems, the development of Chinese medicine injection industry has been greatly constrained in recent yearsShen Yong said that because of the dosage form restrictions, 99% of Chinese medicine injections can only be used in secondary hospitals, so the policy dependence is particularly strongIn addition, Chinese medicine injections can not achieve export trade, can not be like plate blue root particles, three yellow tablets, agum and other Chinese medicine products overseas to achieve salesPharmaceutical industry veteran Li Great Wall also said that quality complaints, adverse reactions, improper use, etc, have made the development of Chinese medicine injections in recent years encountered difficulties.
    However, this time Qinghai Province will be sputum heat clearing, thrombosis, blood plug pass, Xi Yanping, Dansan polyphenolite and other injections into the volume of procurement, it seems that the Chinese medicine injection industry saw a new opportunity Shen Yong on the analysis, this time by Qinghai Province included in the volume of procurement, indicating that these products are very good clinical effect, but also shows the state's recognition and support for Chinese medicine injections, in addition, also shows that it has a certain strategic reserve significance Li Great Wall also holds the same view as Shen Yong, stressing that it may also be full of the government's expectations for the development of Chinese medicine.
    Included in the volume of procurement, for Chinese medicine injections, can be guaranteed sales, but at the same time face a sharp price reduction How to dialectically look at "belt procurement"? Both experts say the pros and cons are certainly outweightheted.
    Shen Yong said that after the price reduction is still profitable, small profits and more sales, can quickly seize the market leader position, with a multi-product portfolio to occupy the market, and increase the recognition of doctors and patients for their efficacy, in order to seek long-term development in the future Li Also stressed that the collection, price reduction is an inevitable trend Belt procurement at least solves the market problem, the government will also consider the production costs and quality of enterprises.
    The two experts also made advice on related enterprises, and constantly improve product quality, actively participate in government-level band procurement, do everything possible to enter more provinces of the belt procurement, once into 10-15 provinces, can be able to eat the market, otherwise it will lose the market Band procurement should be considered the last straw of Chinese medicine injections, because it is not like oral preparations can be turned to the OTC market, once the loss of the collection market, only stop production one way.
    The resolution of the dispute as the unique dosage form of our country, the safety of Chinese medicine injections has been controversial According to the Annual Report of the National Drug Adverse Reaction Monitoring (2019) issued by the National Drug Adverse Reaction Testing Center, the report of adverse reactions/events of Chinese medicine in 2019 was distributed according to the route of administration, with injections accounting for 45.5%, of which intravenous administration accounted for 98.5% of the injections.
    As for the safety risks posed by Chinese medicine injections, Shen Yong thinks that should be treated rationally: "It is the drug three poisons, any medicine has risks." Now, through national restrictions (use in hospitals with levels above two), the clinical use of Chinese medicine injections has become very standardized Li Great Wall said that adverse reactions have been difficult to cross the chinese medicine injections The reasons for this phenomenon are: Chinese medicine injectionisis is based on traditional Chinese medicine refining production, lack of scientific basis, production process and equipment on the product quality control is inconsistent, raw materialcontrol control on the impact of late product production, transportation, storage process is not standardized, of course, the use of the process of non-standard.
    How to reduce the incidence of adverse reactions in Chinese medicine injections? Li Great Wall said, first of all, strictly control raw materials, secondly, the use of advanced equipment, optimize the production process, strictcontrol of production quality, reduce impurities in the finished product, to ensure its purity; Shen Yong added that enterprises should strengthen post-market research on products, constantly identify potential problems in products (such as allergies, allergenic, adverse reactions), early development of clinical response programs.
    In addition to adverse reactions, clinical abuse is also a place where it is criticized For example, the use of dosage and methods are not standardized, as well as the dispensing is not scientific, there are over-range use and so on This is also the cause of many clinical adverse events or medical accidents, causing unnecessary loss of people's lives and property, and increasing the burden of payment of medical insurance funds and patients As a result, after 2017, the state has adopted a "double restriction" policy on the use of Chinese medicine injections (limited to hospitals above secondary levels, limiting clinical use);
    As for the relevant government departments of these initiatives, Li Great Wall commented, this shows that the use of Chinese medicine injections in the process of problems is no longer an example, has a greater impact The above-mentioned means of monitoring is the state's awe of life, people's lives above all else; Shen Yong added that it also has a certain relationship with Chinese medicine injections that take up a large amount of national health insurance costs.
    In addition to the above-mentioned problems, in recent years, some Chinese medicine injection enterprises high marketing costs, low research and development costs, but also controversial places, and even some people think that Chinese medicine injection enterprises have a windfall For such "different voices", Shen Yong said, Chinese medicine injection production process is complex, product purity, accuracy than oral capsules, particles, tablets and other requirements, resulting in high production costs, so I personally think that there is no windfall The hard-hit areas where there are huge profits in the medical field are actually millions and tens of millions of yuan of medical equipment (CT, nuclear magnetic, biochemical instruments) and so on Li Great Wall said that the windfall can not say that there is no, but the windfall money to go to where is worth thinking about Individuals think that more to go to the "marketing costs", so the emergence of "marketing costs are too high, low research and development costs" phenomenon, which should be the result of the marketization of clinical drugs, or clinical drug procurement and use of the problem "I think that the concentration of volume procurement can solve these problems, so that enterprises will be more financial, human and energy focus on scientific research and quality Shen Yong also stressed that "high sales costs, low research and development costs" phenomenon has always existed, the Chinese medicine enterprises are a problem, hope that the vast number of enterprises to change this phenomenon as soon as possible, to Yiling Pharmaceuticals, Red Day Pharmaceuticals and other enterprises to learn, increase scientific research investment, so that products inserted in the wings of scientific research fly more stable and longer-term.
    Normative development can "Nirvana reborn" during this year's national "two sessions", step pharmaceutical president Zhao Chao has pointed out that the lack of chinese medicine injections corresponding norms and procedures, resulting in uneven quality, fish and dragon mixed phenomenon So, how to regulate the development of the Chinese medicine injection industry?
    Shen Yong put forward a personal 4-point proposal: 1 Strict lying import, the state should strictly approve the batch number of Chinese medicine injection products, increase the review of each clinical research link, and increase the penalties, such as once the data fraud, 3 years can not declare any new drug approval; Production, regular fly-checking, irregular spot checks; 3 strict use, increase the monitoring of adverse reactions; 4 give incentives, such as to make law-abiding, good performance of the enterprise's products into medical insurance, into the base medicine, can change the dosage form, etc , and finally achieve good currency removal of inferior currency.
    Li Great Wall believes that the first from the source, qualified raw materials, strict production technology, advanced equipment, as well as the same standard of testing, is to promote the healthy development of the Chinese medicine injection industry is an essential element.
    In fact, in recent years, the Chinese medicine injection industry has begun to embark on the road of normative development, in the fight against the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, and played a very important role It can be seen that, in addition to the controversy, the clinical value of Chinese medicine injections is still worthy of affirmation, and further develop Li Great Wall said that Chinese medicine can be passed down for thousands of years, its clinical value is unquestionable, especially in chronic disease or some public health emergencies can play a huge role Shen Yong also said that from the practice of nearly 20 years, Chinese medicine injections in anti-inflammatory, strong heart, brain-aware, first aid and other aspects can indeed play a significant role, in some areas can even be used to "life-giving, immediate" to describe The next step is how to build on these clinical values Shen Yong believes that it is necessary to achieve government recognition, policy support, implementation in place, publicity to keep up Li Great Wall also said that scientific analysis must be done, clear scientific basis, popularize the culture of Chinese medicine, so that more people understand and understand Chinese medicine culture, enhance clinical research, discuss clinical performance, develop production and use standards, regulate production and use behavior.
    In order to further develop the clinical value of Chinese medicine injections, in recent years, many people in the industry are calling for "as soon as possible to implement the promotion of Chinese medicine injectionre evaluation", this year, the national "two sessions" period, there are representatives of the pharmaceutical industry strongly called The author combed and found that the work of "re-evaluation of Chinese medicine injections" could be seen as early as 2009 in the original General Administration of Food and Drug Administration issued "on the implementation of the Chinese medicine injection safety re-evaluation work notice" (the State Food and Drug Administration (2009) No 28), but for so many years has been difficult to land In this regard, Shen Yong responded that the root cause is still in the "re-evaluation of who out of the cost" problem, completely rely on the enterprise to pay a bit of difficulty Li Great Wall believes that it is also related to quality standards, production processes, testing standards, clinical performance, adverse reactions and other factors If you want to promote these work as soon as possible, Shen Yong believes that there is an urgent need to solve the following problems: 1 The problem of who has the cost; 2 the evaluation criteria (many Chinese medicine injections themselves are the original research varieties, there is no reference); 3 the fair ness of the evaluation (experts say? Chinese medicine experts say what? Western medicine experts say what? The patient said what? The doctor's decision? CDR? ..... 4 Rewards and penalties In addition, it is best to come up with a "draft for comments" to listen to the views of the group, as far as possible to reach a basic consensus before proceeding.
    In the belt procurement, re-evaluation and other policy impact, as well as "anti-epidemic work" and other positive driving, Chinese medicine injections next where to go? Is it possible to achieve nirvana rebirth? Shen Yong said that the entire Chinese medicine injection industry fully realized the "Nirvana rebirth" still dare not say, but at least into the "new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program" of the eight Chinese medicine injections, the future will certainly enter the national strategic reserves and related policy protection The fate of other Chinese medicine injections depends on the next step of national policy After the "baptism" of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, I believe that the Government will set aside some room for development of Chinese medicine injections with definite efficacy in its reflection and future policy planning.
    Li Great Wall finally stressed that although "anti-epidemic work", but the controversy can not be separated from this, the quality of Chinese medicine injectioncontrol control and promotion there is still a lot of room to dig, really put the quality up, reduce adverse reactions, so that doctors can use at ease, so that patients feel at ease, is the real realization of "Nirvana rebirth."
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