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    Operating procedures for special-shaped sugar-coated units

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    special-shaped sugar coating unit operation is simple, easy to repair, low cost, is the pharmaceutical industry is the ideal equipment for coatingThe special-shaped icing machine is a mechanical equipment for the pharmaceutical industry to evenly layer the outer coating and polishing of the molded chip, and can also be applied to the candy mechanism pills or coating in the food industryAfter the coating polished sugar coat sheet has a bright color surface, its surface sugar powder crystal seislac to produce a complete solidening cladding, can also prevent chip oxidation deterioration, moisture or volatilization, but also can cover the taste of chip taking discomfortthe operating procedures of the special-shaped icing unit as follows:1, before operation must carefully check whether the fasteners in all parts of the machine are loose2, will be the sugar-coated pot inside and outside scrub3, start the main motor, so that the machine empty running for 2 minutes, in order to determine whether there is a fault4, after adding should first press the main motor button, and then according to the sugar crystallization situation need to press the blower button, at the same time turn on the electric wire switchis equipped with adjusted handwheels in the middle of the machine, which can be used to adjust the tilt angle of the icing pan according to tablet loading and material exchange performancecoat polished sugar coat, with a bright appearance, its surface sugar crystal produced by the complete solid layer, not only to prevent chip oxidation deterioration, moisture or volatilization, but also can cover the pain of the chip when taken, to achieve the pills to facilitate identification and ease the dissolution of the human stomach and other effectsAt present, the domestic chemical industry is widely used in the production of particles or spherical particles, especially molecular sieve, desiccant, petroleum proppant and other industries, because of its large output, fast ball, low cost of Taiwan class, etcby users alike
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