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    Operating standards for the use of drug dissolvers

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    A drug solubility instrument is an instrument that measures the solubility of a drugDrug lysatops are an effective alternative to study and evaluate the use of in vitro organisms of drugsIt is also an important means to ensure and measure the reasonable and stable production process and quality of solid oral preparationsIt replaces the previous collapse time check with scientific and advanced measurement methods, improves the scientific nature of drug quality control methods, and ensures the clinical efficacy of the drug.Drug dissolver use operating standards: How do we properly operate with the use of drug solutor? It is recommended that you refer to the following standard methods for your arrangement: 1, put the cup into the instrument's six holes, with concentric ring cover to adjust the position, and then use the positioning piece to secure.2, according to the quality standards provided by the method, choose the basket or paddle, with the positioning lever to adjust the basket or paddle and the bottom of the dissolved cup spacing, and then tighten the knob to secure the basket or paddle.3, to dissolve the cup to add a specified amount of solvent, and then water into the water bath to the waterline position.4, plug in the power outlet, turn on the power switch, through each button of the control panel preset the specified speed, dissolution time, sampling interval time and water temperature control parameters.5, when the temperature of the solvent in the cup through the water bath to reach a constant temperature of 37 x 0.5 degrees C, the 6 pieces (grain) specimen sits in 6 baskets or directly into each rotating paddle cup, the rotating basket or rotating paddle into the container, select the "run" key immediately start timing, cover the organic glass cover, the sampling needle into the outer hole.6, when the drug dissolving instrument in the prescribed solute time call, should be in the prescribed sampling point (basket or oar upper end distance of 10 mm in the middle of the liquid surface) to inhale the appropriate amount of solution, with 0.8 micron microporous membrane filtration, injected into the test tube.7, after sampling, turn off the power switch, pull out the power plug, lift the rotating basket or slurry, take out the basket, pour out the solution in the cup, clean all utensils, upside down to dry the spare.
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