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    Paint acid-resistant paint for long-term energy-saving protective materials

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
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    China Coatings Online News Information:
    acid refers to a compound produced when ionized in a solution that is entirely hydrogen ions. Can be divided into inorganic acids, organic acids. Acid-base proton theory holds that substances that release protons are always called acids. Acid solution is acidic, ionized, corrosive, can react with live metal, can corrode most materials; Anti-corrosion paint experts put forward that painting acid paint effective protection materials are acid corrosion, long-term protection materials.
    Acid-alkali anti-corrosion paint for heavy corrosion conditions brushing, for different anti-corrosion environmental conditions supporting the development of technical indicators, such as chemical-resistant media, salt-resistant water, salt-resistant fog, moisture-resistant heat, oil-resistant, mold-resistant, atmospheric aging, alkali-resistant, potassium-resistant, brine corrosion and so on. Years of research and development of acid-base anti-corrosion paint, acid-alkali anti-corrosion paint with high coating tightness, can effectively shield gas and corrosion fluid penetration, very good to prevent the accumulation of static heat coating, high conductivity, effectively prevent acid-alkali corrosion media physical reactions and chemical reactions, coating hardness is high, impact-resistant, smooth and full, high coefficient of heat shock resistance, good adhesion and so on.
    it has become an urgent problem to prevent the loss of materials and equipment due to corrosion failure, anti-corrosion experts believe that material protection and anti-corrosion measures are an important guarantee to reduce maintenance costs and make the plant safe and stable operation. Domestic large-scale anti-corrosion paint enterprises, in inorgic anti-corrosion paint research and development, the company after more than ten years of research and development of inororal polymerization technology has been in the forefront of the world, can withstand 2300 degrees C high temperature corrosion high temperature anti-corrosion paint; High antioxidant capacity, high purity and non-volatile, it can withstand long-term immersion of strong solvents and mixed solvents; Special anti-corrosion paint, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant, suitable for a variety of desulfurization equipment, can withstand sea water and sea moisture corrosion of inorance anti-corrosion paint, can increase heat exchange anti-corrosion paint thermal anti-corrosion paint, resist strong friction impact corrosion anti-corrosion paint, can withstand ethers, fluorine , oil erosion corrosion of ceramic anti-corrosion paint, etc. , resistant to most acid-base corrosion, solvent, intermediate media corrosion of acid-base anti-corrosion paint, resistance to strong oxidation corrosion of nitric acid corrosion resistance to strong oxidation anti-corrosion paint, resistance to oxidation corrosion at 3000 high temperature of strong oxidation anti-corrosion paint Acid
    is a phenomenon that causes serious damage to the national economy everywhere and all the time. Acid corrosion costs humans six times as much each year as other natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, mudslides, droughts, etc.). About one-third of the world's steel produced each year is damaged by corrosion, and 10% of it is completely rusty and not recycled. Do a good job of anti-corrosion work, anti-corrosion coating engineers and researchers of the common goal and responsibility, the development of efficient anti-corrosion paint, improve anti-corrosion paint performance, do a good job of material protection, which is also a long-term anti-corrosion research and development objectives.
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