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    Paint enterprise marketing war on the heart

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    industry in recent years, market competition has become more and more intense. More and more brands are entering the market, homogenization and price war are
    brand is facing. Companies with the right marketing tactics may also have a chance to turn the page. Learn from the success of others and see how marketing tactics affect business development.
    homogenization, competitive competition and reduced profits are the common problems faced by
    and commodities. Consumers are no longer faced with the question of what I need, but with "what to choose" and "which one to choose". In order to give consumers a glance at many similar products, it is necessary to fully study and excavate the needs of consumers, and then the paint enterprises themselves and the product itself for a full range of packaging, positioning and speculation.
    example of Master Kang's successful experience, in the early 1990s, Taiwan's food and tourism businessmen set foot on the mainland, with Beijing and Tianjin as their primary commanding heights. At that time, the mainland's fast food pasta industry in a kind of waiting to cut, the situation of the group dragon without a head, product quality, low quality, lack of a can echo the brand name. Just when many Taiwanese businessmen and Hong Kong businessmen are eager to try, Taiwan's top new group, a horse first, rushed straight, the first to launch the "Master Kang" fast food noodles. As a result, "Master Kang" grabbed Chinese mainland many markets, other businessmen who want to get involved can only shake their heads and retreat, and as Taiwan's food industry, "leading big man" unification group is not willing to be left behind, want to rise to the chase, with "Master Kang" with the same share. In the end, however, it is because of the next step, at a disadvantage, can only be out of reach.
    success of the new group lies in the fact that he is not only a step forward, but also a big voice, on television, in the press advertising, to force people, to serve the public.
    is the current dilemma facing the coatings industry, no brand can run in the front, can lay a real paint brand status in the minds of consumers. At the same time, it is also an opportunity. To stand out among the many brands with considerable strength, perhaps poorly, is a successful marketing.
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