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    Paint formula: metal luster exterior wall paint formula

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Key tips: formula of metallic luster exterior wall coating The amount of raw material (mass fraction) /% b66 acrylic resin 30.0-40.0 aluminum metal slurry 3.0-6.0 dust remover 2.5-5.5 leveling agent 0.3-0.8 solvent supplement 100% of the formula amount in the metal gloss exterior wall paint, out of the aluminum powder pigment, under the advantages, the coating material with certain color needs to be configured, at this time, the coloring pigment needs to be used

    Since the use of pigments always has an adverse effect on the metallic luster of the coating, two problems should be considered: First, the pigment must have good weather resistance; Shenyang steel structure fireproof coating construction expert punde Building Fire Engineering Co., Ltd Recommended introduction: since its establishment, Shenyang punde Construction Fire Engineering Co., Ltd

    has cultivated a group of professional construction teams with excellent equipment, rich experience and serious responsibility with advanced and scientific management methods and strict engineering quality assurance and after-sales service system

    It has undertaken a number of fire system installation projects, which has been praised by customers

    Every idea and special requirement of you will be fully considered by us and fully realized in the construction technology, which will become the cornerstone of our successful long-term development

    We are looking forward to your invitation, to provide you with quality services and high-quality technical support! All construction coatings have passed ISO9001 Paint Home News: raw material dosage (mass fraction) of formula for metallic luster exterior wall paint /% b66 acrylic resin 30.0 ~ 40.0 metallic aluminum slurry 3.0 ~ 6.0 dustproof agent 2.5 ~ 5.5 leveling agent 0.3 ~ 0.8 solvent supplement 100% formula quantity in metallic luster exterior wall paint, aluminum powder pigment In addition, in the case of advantages, the paint with certain color needs to be configured

    At this time, the coloring pigment needs to be used

    Because the use of pigment always has a bad effect on the metallic luster of the coating, two problems should be considered: first, the weatherability of pigment must be very good; second, the luster of the coating should not be affected too much

    Therefore, the amount of transparent iron oxide pigments, transparent phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green and other pigments should be minimized to avoid too much influence on the metallic luster of the coating

    (the paint formula in this paper is for reference only) paint home is focused on the news and information of coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, fire retardant coating, and coating, diatom mud, paint coating, coating process, decoration knowledge and decoration effect map of fire retardant coating,
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