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    Paint market observation: functionalization and water-based is the mainstream trend of coatings in the future

    • Last Update: 2021-03-05
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    China Paint Network
    News: economic development of science and technology level, people's requirements for life is gradually improving, in recent years, the case of continuous explosion of disease caused by decoration, for home furnishings in the necessities
    is also innovating, people are no longer only satisfied with aesthetics, more inclined to its environmental protection and functionality, to meet people's health, environmental protection, aesthetic needs.
    At present, in addition to fire prevention, anti-virus, insecticidal, insecticidal, insulation and other existing low-quality functional coatings to increase efforts, scientific research, but also should step up research and solve the difficulties in building decoration, new problems. Composite technology will be an effective way to improve and meet all kinds of functions.
    now the structure of the world's coating varieties is developing in the direction of reducing voc and so on,
    is one of the development directions. The proportion of traditional solvent-based coatings in China is gradually decreasing, and the development rate of water-based coatings is also very fast, but the low-grade varieties of polyethylene alcohol still account for a larger proportion. Improving the quality of water-based coatings and developing new varieties are important links to consolidate and develop water-based coatings. Global
    Coatings Network
    understand that key research and development should be ethylene acetate-acrylic co-polypulestion emulsion, styrene-acrylic co-polylactic emulsion and pure acrylic series as the base of latex coatings, and strive for durability, paint film smoothness, plumpness, construction, decoration and other aspects of a breakthrough; For the more mature epoxy emulsion, water-based polyurethane water-based substrates should continue to study high-performance water-based coatings to meet the special requirements of some.
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