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    Pakistani scientists develop vegetable essential oils for buffaloes in Guangxi

    • Last Update: 2021-03-15
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    , Beijing, Nov. 18 (Liu Zhangli) "I have worked in Guangxi for two years and the results achieved are equivalent to the results of the research results of the past decade combined." Faiz-ul Hassan, a scientist from Pakistan, said in a recent interview.
    Faiz-ul Hassan, a Ph.D. in animal genetic breeding who previously taught at the Agricultural University of Faisalabad in Pakistan, has bred new breeds of hybrid cows and chickens. In November 2018, Faiz-ul Hassan was hired to conduct a two-year study at the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute (China Agriculture
    Buffalo Research Institute) through the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology's Work Plan for Distinguished Young Scientists from Developing Countries .
    the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute in Nanning, Guangxi, where reporters met Faiz-ul Hassan, who was doing an experiment with a colleague. The two of them naughtyly raised the beech and said "Cheers!" to each other. (A drink). Faiz-ul Hassan says he's had Chinese in his work and life because he doesn't understand how to work, thanks to the enthusiasm of his colleagues.
    Faiz-ul Hassan is conducting experiments on the metagenome characteristics of the gastric microbiome of buffalo tumors at the Buffalo Research Institute in Guangxi. Experimental results show that plant-based feed additives (vegetable essential oils) can effectively regulate the tumor stomach microbiome, thereby regulating the composition of buffalo gastric fermentation, lactation volume and lactic fatty acids. This finding will help to increase milk production and milk quality, especially the fatty acid content of milk. It is understood that at present, Guangxi milk buffalo storage and milk production are ranked first in the country, Faiz-ul Hassan's research results will promote the Guangxi water and milk industry to high-quality direction.
    two years, Faiz-ul Hassan has published eight SCI papers, a rare achievement. Working with China's top buffalo experts is a valuable experience, he says. Today, Faiz-ul Hassan is completing a research project for the International Jieqing Project, and he plans to continue his research in the genomics of the tumor gastric macro after returning home, as well as a research project on genetic improvement of buffaloes with the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute.
    working at the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute, Faiz-ul Hassan brought his family to live with him in order to balance his research career with his family. Their family likes to visit Guangxi's Qishan Xiushui, but also Guangxi's dragon's eye, dragon fruit and wood pineapple and other fruits love. Faiz-ul Hassan told reporters: "Guangxi is a place to stay. "(Complete)
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