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    Pangolins become a level of protection of animals, where do these traditional Chinese medicine?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Medicine Network, June 9 Xinhua News Agency, China will be pangolin genus all species of the state secondary protection of wildlife to the first levelAccording to the Wildlife Protection Act, there are significant differences in the sentences for the protection of wild animals at the national level and the punishment of the state's secondary protection of wild animalsFor example, the crime of illegal hunting and killing of precious and endangered wild animals in the Criminal Law, and the killing of a first-class protected animal shall be punished with fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment, while the killing of the second-class protected animalshall shall be punished with fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and not more than ten yearsAs a Chinese medicine tablet still existing in the 2015 edition of the Pharmacopoeia, pangolin and its pangolin-containing Chinese medicine, later development and production, there will be a major changeAfter all, for the capture, sale, acquisition and use of wild animals, the first-level protection of animals needs to be approved by the State Council, while the second-level protection of animals only needs provincial government approvalAbout Chinese medicine tablets pangolins, included in several versions of the Pharmacopoeiaafter inquiry, can receive pangolins containing chinese medicine preparations have a, "lipharynx." In the drug regulatory agency's official website found that a number of enterprises own thedrugnumberInformation based on: the official website of the State Drug Administration
    li-swallowing tablet seisluded by the use of "live blood flow, yiyin spread knots, pain relief." The main treatment of dry throat, foreign body sensation, itching burning fever and other symptomsFor chronic pharyngitis, especially the dry type is the best efficacy."According to search results
    , there are a variety of drugs used to treat chronic pharyngitisChronic pharyngitis search resultsbased on the current Chinese medicine "defamation, vilification" definition is not very clear, so it is not convenient in this to make any evaluation of the effect of drugs But what is certain is that there are many alternative products, even if you leave pangolins, the treatment of chronic pharyngitis is high probability will not delay treatment The impact on the of these traditional Chinese medicine enterprises may be much greater than the impact on patients But in general, support for the state to pull pangolins to the first level of protection of animals   And as a Chinese medicine drink tablets, the pharmacopeia recorded in the effectofpans is not just to treat pharyngitis From live blood, breast milk to stroke paralysis, etc , are included   China Pharmacopeia 2015 edition of one, 268 pages this may lead to a problem, folk still have demand for pangolins Of course, the private drug use is different from the production of enterprises, as long as sold, do not consider the material balance and other factors But the enterprise certainly can not, raw materials source, go, must balance So will companies really give up the product? This depends on market sales and development potential, so I quickly searched the market analysis report of the next Liyuan psychic film screenshots from the Chinese market research network cough, see this 7380 yuan discount price Pick up the phone to open the payment code, measure repeatedly, considering the impact of pangolins on the development of the industry, the significance of species preservation, and the value of this article to myself   In the end I decided not to buy, do not look at the analysis report, directly make up   What about businesses involved in pangolins?   "King, remember the leopard bones of that year's drug and alcohol incident?"   In fact, these enterprises have a good front car as a reference comparison, that is, a containing grain, wrong, is a leopard bone medicine wine Enterprise name does not mention, only under the data, the enterprise itself does not focus on, do not cross the province   The company's raw material, "The Leopard Bone", is also a hassle According to published sales figures, the consumption of leopard bones over the years has been huge Of course, this "huge" is relative to the production of leopard bones Because wild leopards as a first-class protected animal, can not kill can not buy The only possible legal interpretation is natural elimination and historical inventory We don't consider the shelf life of the leopard bone, but the approximate number of leopards can be found Whether it can be sustainable production depends on the stock of leopard bones   The above involved are all pangolin-wearing enterprises, perhaps may try this way Do not do illegal, can leave the time and channels of enterprises have been very limited   Another way you might try, modify the formula to remove pangolin ingredients and then register for a clinical trial Let the data speak, success and failure of the conclusions published I think all   If the clinical trial fails after the deletion of pangolin, it "confirms the clinical significance of pangolin, chinese medicine choose pangolin into medicine has scientific value." Next we will conduct a replacement trial of other raw materials, and further research is needed as to whether the clinical significance of pangolins is irreplaceable."   If the clinical trial is still successful after the deletion of pangolins, it "proves that the clinical value of traditional Chinese medicine can stand the test"   Perhaps this is the most effective method, but it is not worth taking this step "registration plus clinical", estimated to be the most difficult choice for enterprises
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