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    Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, "Four Checklists", Food Safety Work Enters the Fast Lane

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
    • Source: Internet
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    In recent years, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province has adhered to the general idea of ​​“keeping the bottom line of food safety, highlighting the main line of people’s satisfaction, and pursuing the high line of innovation and development”, innovated work measures, and grasped the “four lists”.
    The city has not experienced major problems for 7 consecutive years.
    For food safety accidents and above, people’s food safety satisfaction has achieved "five consecutive rises" in the province's rankings, and food safety work has entered the fast lane


    Grasp the list of responsibilities of the party and government
    The "Panzhihua City City-level Party and Government Leaders' Food Safety Work Responsibilities List" was issued to clarify the food safety work responsibilities of city-level party and government leaders, and firmly grasp the "critical minority" of party and government leaders to ensure food safety in the new era.
    Work provides important compliance

    Up to now, city-level party and government leaders have investigated and inspected food safety more than 30 times, and vigorously promoted "shifting and speeding up" food safety work


    Grasp the list of linkage supervision
    The "List of Measures for Deepening Reform and Strengthening of Food Safety in Panzhihua City" was issued, which clarified the food safety work responsibilities of 26 municipal departments, proposed 124 work measures, formulated 8 work procedures, market supervision and other departments effectively fulfilled their supervision and law enforcement duties, education and other departments Earnestly perform the duties of industry supervisors, and strive to build a work pattern of co-management


    Grasp the list of main responsibilities
    Promulgated the "List of Responsibilities and Supervision and Inspection Items of Panzhihua Food Production and Operation Main Body" to urge producers and operators to establish and implement purchase inspection, factory inspection, and emergency response systems

    Take the lead in formulating the "Unit Canteen Management Standards" in the whole province, promote and apply it in more than 600 schools, elderly care institutions and other unit canteens in the city, explore the establishment of a new pork quality and safety supervision model of "certificate + traceability code", and risk grading of food production and business units The management coverage rate reached 95%, and the food inspection volume reached 5.
    76 batches per thousand people


    Grasp the list of social co-governance
    It was the first to publish the "Food Safety Status" white paper in Sichuan Province, held 260 food safety "seven advances" popular science publicity sessions, accepted 508 food safety complaints and reports, and intensively trained more than 50 leaders of county (district) governments and municipal departments

    (Reporter Gong Zhiwei)

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