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    Partial prescription therapy for thirst

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Thirst is not only annoying, but also painful sometimes

    It can make people restless and difficult to enjoy normal life

    Although you can find a doctor to prescribe the medicine, you'd better try some prescription therapy first

    They often give you unexpected results

    Menthol: inhaling menthol is one of the effective ways to treat cough

    Aspiration can stimulate the release of saliva from the mouth

    After saliva is swallowed, it lubricates the throat and suppresses dry cough

    Menthol seems to be as effective as cough syrup, which is directly related to the soothing and decongestating effects of menthol

    Vinegar: vinegar is also an anti thirst prescription

    Vinegar contains enzymes that can help treat throat infections, which in turn can relieve coughing reactions

    Add some apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink slowly

    It won't take long to feel a positive impact

    Milk: milk not only helps to improve sleep quality, but also can be used to stop thirst

    Heat some milk, then add a spoonful of honey to mix

    Drink slowly before going to bed

    Milk can work with honey to lubricate the throat and effectively suppress coughing

    Ginger: there are different forms of ginger, but ginger slices are the best choice

    To treat a cough, chew some ginger

    Ginger's healing properties help treat throat inflammation, which in turn can inhibit coughing.
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