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    Pay attention to balanced nutrition during weight loss, eat a variety of vitamin and mineral tablets!

    • Last Update: 2021-05-07
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    Pay attention to balanced nutrition during weight loss, eat a variety of vitamin and mineral tablets!

    Author: meilin
    in: Health Encyclopedia

    April is about to end, and summer is not far away.
    It’s hot in summer, and the clothes are light and light, and you can tell what your body looks like at a glance.
    In order to show a better figure, many people will start to lose weight.
    When many people want to lose weight, they start dieting subconsciously.
    However, dieting has a great impact on health, and the most direct impact on the body is insufficient nutritional intake.

    The human body is made up of seven categories and more than 40 nutrients.
    If you compare a person to a building, then the nutrients are the cement and bricks used to build the building.
    Only when the nutrients in the human body are sufficient and balanced, can this “building” of the human body be able to repair itself when it is damaged.
    Damage occurs all the time, and repair also occurs all the time.
    Dieting affects the absorption of nutrients and the source of "raw materials" for repair.
    Naturally, the human body is prone to damage and decreased immunity.

    Moreover, inadequate intake of different nutrients will also bring about different health effects.
    Especially vitamins.
    Many people have realized that protein supplementation during weight loss can help reduce fat, but they have neglected the intake of vitamins.

    When vitamins are lacking, it will not only affect your health, but also affect the speed of weight loss.
    For example, the following vitamins:

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is not only a beneficial nutrient for the eyes, it is also a good "assist" for burning fat.
    Vitamin A is a fat-soluble substance.
    When the body absorbs vitamin A, it needs the participation of fat and minerals to help reduce fat.
    Moreover, vitamin A also has anti-oxidant function, which can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, so that the skin becomes firm and elastic, so there is no need to worry about the skin becoming loose after weight loss.

    Vitamin B

    Vitamin B is also a type of nutrient that should be supplemented when losing weight.
    For example, vitamin B1 is indispensable in the process of decomposing sugar in the human body to produce energy.
    The more sugar you consume, the greater your consumption.
    If you don't add it in time, you will feel tired.
    "Sugar" not only refers to sugar in the superficial sense.
    Foods such as rice noodles and whole grains also belong to "sugar".
    Vitamin B1 is required for decomposition; there is also vitamin B5, which is an indispensable substance when fat and sugar are converted into energy.
    It not only participates in the production of energy in the body, but also controls the metabolism of fat.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can synthesize carnitine, promote fat metabolism, and accelerate the decomposition and burning of fat.
    Vitamin C is mainly found in fresh vegetables and fruits, but because the sugar content in fruits is not low, it is not recommended to eat more when losing weight.
    Need to help supplement vitamin C from other ways.

    In addition, vitamin D, vitamin E and other vitamins have certain effects on weight loss and health.
    The lack of multivitamins will also affect the body's metabolism, leading to a decline in immunity.
    Therefore, during weight loss, you should pay attention to balanced nutritional intake.
    If you are worried about vitamin deficiency, you can also eat some multi-vitamin mineral tablets.

    Due to the different living habits and dietary habits of different people, there are some differences in the intake of multivitamins, so don't choose the same product in general.
    You can look at the By-Health multivitamin and mineral tablets according to the population.

    By-health multi-vitamin and mineral tablets are selected according to the daily eating habits and cooking habits of Chinese people, and contain 16 vitamins and minerals that are easy to be inadequate daily.
    In addition, this multi-vitamin and mineral tablet also matches nutrition according to the characteristics of different groups of people.
    For men’s multivitamins, according to the characteristics of men’s pressure and irregular life and diet, it strengthens and supplements B vitamins, selenium, zinc and other nutrients; for womens multivitamins, According to women's unique physiological characteristics and eating habits, it is more reasonable to supplement vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, folic acid and other nutrients.

    When you lose weight, you should pay attention to balanced nutrition and worry about your lack of vitamin intake.
    Then try some multi-vitamin tablets!
    By-health multi-vitamin and mineral tablets only need one tablet a day to replenish multi-vitamins and minerals, which is suitable for modern people with busy lives.

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