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    Pay attention to the development of people's livelihood Water paint to help the safety of home improvement

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    News: From the past 3.15 exposure law, it seems that there is "no time, no lazy, only not long eyes", coupled with Chai Jing publicly declared war on the haze, has aroused the concern of the whole society.
    strong irritating gas emitted by
    paint, which is used in home decoration, buildings, etc., not only reduces indoor air quality and threatens human health, but also causes serious pollution to the atmosphere. Nowadays, with frequent haze, paint acts as a "big manufacturer". And paint
    the collection of consumption tax is therefore.
    province of Hunan Province, the state tax department collected a total of 230,000 yuan in battery and paint consumption tax, the provinces and cities set off accordingly. Will the imposition of paint consumption tax become a journey for environmental protection departments to use polluting paint consumption?
    with the arrival of 315 this year,
    paint and
    enterprises have reached the stage of habitual tension. This is because every important rights festival needs to expose a number of socially influential problems. Despite efforts by paint companies to develop technologies to improve indoor pollution in paint homes and voc emissions. But we all know that coatings have two main components: one is
    film-forming substance
    , the other is thin material. Film-forming substances generally do not have chemical pollution, the pollution components are mainly derived from thin materials. Paint is a toxic, harmful solvent (such as Tianna water, banana water) as a thinner, containing a large number of benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, paint can only be improved on the basis of the existing, often can not be from the root cause of environmental protection, and water paint, relative to traditional paint is a new type of environmental protection paint, its environmental protection principle is to replace the traditional paint diluent. Fundamentally non-toxic tasteless and pollution-free, does not contain TDI, benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, will not cause harm to users and construction personnel, and reduce the pollution of the atmosphere by harmful substances. So, once the annual 3.15 comes,
    seem like an enemy. Not only need to review their own technology and brand unrealistic publicity issues, but also to beware of the problem is man-made amplification, unlike water paint with real environmental protection technology strength.
    In fact, haze has become one of the Government's top priorities, the solution has been urgent; Therefore, whether it is the collection of paint paint consumption tax for water paint "upper" escort, or 3.15 may break out of the paint consumption tax collection implementation issues, it ultimately hopes that enterprise terminals and consumer home furnishings are in the difference between water paint and paint have a good understanding, guide the community to pay more attention to environmental protection water paint, with a view to replacing the paint market position, improve domestic haze and indoor decoration pollution.
    , China's pm2.5 haze problem is also good, interior decoration pollution health problems are also good, are directly related to the country and people's livelihood needs to develop major issues. It can even be said that if enterprises with environmental technology innovation to face these problems, and can reasonably solve the above problems, such as Chenyang water paint 17 years do not produce a drop of paint, adhere to 17 years of water paint technology research and development and production and sales, naturally is the mature side of the enterprise. In particular, in the paint development and social environmental protection needs to achieve a win-win situation, but also in the spirit of daring to analyze their own problems in the attitude of facing a new test, only in this way, environmental protection issues will not eventually become a national, social burden ...!
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