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    Performance comparison between nitrogen blower and vacuum centrifugal concentrator

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    nitrogen blower
    works by using the bottom heating, the top with nitrogen blowing, so that the heating organic solvent in the test tube quickly evaporates to achieve the purpose of rapid concentration of samplesIt mainly has heaters, automatic temperature control, automatic lift air board, gas flow meters, air flow control valves and other componentsBecause of its simple structure, nitrogen blowtorchs, once cheap sample concentration methods, have been phased out of the market because of their Achilles heel to environmental pollutionOrganic solvents, often high acids, alkalis and corrosive substances, are released directly into the surrounding environment without any treatment and without any treatment from the nitrogen blow-out in the test tubeDirectly operated experimenters are highly vulnerable to health problems, and the solvents are volatile into the air and can cause harm to the surrounding environment, including office workers, surrounding greening, etcIn addition, the nitrogen blower itself due to long-term in this environment, will soon appear rust and other corrosion phenomenon, although some nitrogen blower design will be the needle wrapped on a layer of PTFE to prevent corrosion, but the tail of the needle and other parts of the instrument can not be fully packaged with PTFE, not only affect the beauty, performance, but also in the operation of a little careless, will be rust and other rust into the sample, resulting in sample pollutionvacuum centrifugal concentrator is mainly composed of: centrifugal host, cold trap, vacuum pump three parts, which is a vacuum centrifuge sample, so that the solvent evaporated to concentrate or dry the sample instrumentAnd through the ultra-low temperature of the cold trap to capture the solventCentrifuge concentrated samples can be easily used for a variety of qualitative and quantitative analysesCentrifugal concentration technology combines centrifugal, vacuum ingeanand and heat factors for effective evaporation of various solventscentrifugal: produces a centrifugal force of 200-500 x g to prevent boiling and sample lossThe dried solute is completely deposited at the bottom of the container for complete recovery of the samplevacuuming: accelerated evaporation of the solvent in the concentratorDuring the concentration process, the sample is always in an environment below room temperature, preventing partial inactivation of the heat-sensitive sampleIn addition, the vacuum state prevents oxidation of the sample heat: accelerates the evaporation rate of the sample In the absence of foreign heat, the aqueous solution will freeze during the concentration process, the equipment uses radiation heating technology to compensate for the heat loss during evaporation Thermal radiation is an effective zui way to heat the sample in a vacuum vacuum concentrator seisludes combine the vacuum provided by centrifugal forces, heating and external vacuum pumps for solvent evaporation, which can process multiple samples simultaneously without causing cross contamination The cold trap can effectively capture most of the solvent vapor steam that is harmful to the vacuum pump and provides effective protection for the high vacuum pump The vacuum pump puts the system in a vacuum state, reduces the boiling point of the solvent and accelerates the evaporation rate of the solvent the entire system is simple to operate, the process time and heating can be set, digital display of all process parameters Sample capacity is large and a wide range of rotors are available The coated cavities and lines provide a strong anti-chemical corrosion and are easy to clean The use of anti-corrosion vacuum pumps is suitable for any organic solvent ZLS-1 vacuum concentration centrifuge is a cost-effective laboratory conventional instrument developed Hussey Instruments ZLS-2 vacuum concentration centrifuge is a microcomputer control, vacuum pump built-in, high-capacity, magnetically driven high-end professional instruments
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