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    Peruvian blueberry exports increased by nearly 30%, and exports to China increased by 14%

    • Last Update: 2022-12-30
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    Peru had exported 217,000 mt of blueberries
    to 33 markets in week 46, according to data released by the Association of Peruvian Blueberry Producers and Exporters (Proarándanos).
    Peruvian blueberry exports increased by 28% compared to the same period last year, with exports to the United States increasing by 52%, Europe by 31%, China by 14% and other destinations by 2%.

    Despite a significant increase in exports, the average price of Peruvian blueberries has declined
    The head of Proarándanos said that increased production costs and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have reduced the profits
    of Peruvian blueberry farmers.
    On the one hand, blueberry production costs have increased and sea freight prices have remained high, while Peruvian blueberry prices have declined
    The average FOB price of Peruvian blueberries this season was $5.
    47/kg, down from $5.
    in the previous season.
    At the same time, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also affected sales
    in the European market.
    The export market for Peruvian blueberries is more diversified
    this year than in previous years.
    In addition to exports to the three major markets of the United States, Europe and China, it also exports to Brazil and Central American countries, the Middle East and other Asian countries and regions, including India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan
    Patty, manager of Haoguoyun's commodity department, told International Fruit Logistica that this year's Peruvian blueberries performed generally well, and imports also increased
    Because the yield of better varieties is increasing, and the performance of special varieties is getting better and better, the flavor and quality of Peruvian blueberries have been improved
    to varying degrees.
    Currently, 18,000 hectares of Peruvian blueberries are planted, with a total of 65 different varieties of blueberries
    In recent years, Peru has paid great attention to the diversity
    of blueberry varieties.
    Before 2016, Biloxi alone accounted for 25% of Peruvian blueberries, and now more new varieties have replaced the old varieties
    Many growers are turning to new, higher-yielding varieties, and Peruvian blueberry production is expected to grow rapidly over the next 4-5 years
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