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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Pfizer recalls menopausal drug Duavee in multiple countries due to packaging defects

    Pfizer recalls menopausal drug Duavee in multiple countries due to packaging defects

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, consumers are more concerned about the quality of the drug, and even have doubtsU.Sexperts say these concerns are not unfounded, and Pfizer's recent frequent recall of the menopausal drug Duavee has once again shaken consumer confidence in the quality of the drugDuavee, a treatment that conjugates estrogen with estrogen agonists/antagonists, was approved by the U.SFDA in 2013 to treat menopausal-related hot flashes and osteoporosisthe UK's Medicines and Healthproducts Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said on June 8th that drug manufacturers had found a defect in Duavee aluminum foil laminate bags that would cause oxygen to enter and could reduce the solubility of the drug's active substance, benzofenaceite, which could affect the drug's effectivenessPfizer launched a recall and voluntarily recalled two batches of Duavee in the UKAccording to the MHRA, the two batches of Duavee that Pfizer withdrew in the UK were valid for September 2020 and August 2021, respectivelyA Pfizer spokesman said that just a few weeks ago, Pfizer voluntarily recalled 11 batches of Duavee in the U.Sand two in Canada in late MayHealth Canada also confirmed pfizer's May 20 recall of two duves in the country, classifying the recall as a Category II hazard, meaning that "in cases where the use or contact with a product may have temporary, adverse health consequences, or a very small probability of serious adverse health consequences." "
    the new crown epidemic has indeed contributed to the increase dearly of consumer concern sourance on the quality of medicinesLast week, David Light, chief executive of Valisure, an independent laboratory, testified to U.Ssenators that the outbreak could seriously affect the FDA's ability to adequately test drugs produced at factories abroadSince March, the FDA has banned external censorship, allowing inspectors only to enter foreign manufactured equipment for high-priority investigationsRecently, the FDA found that some batches of metformin inhibitors in the N-nitrometemetamine (NDMA) exceeded the standard, so at the end of May asked five drugmakers to voluntarily withdraw their corresponding productsSource Pfizer continues to sr of the memedrug Duavee on the faulty packaging concerns
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