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    Pfizer's strong architecture adjustment "fat enterprise" must finally "slim down"

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 12, according to the drug intelligence network was informed that the insider sifted that Pfizer announced that the three departments report directly to the president of Greater China.
    Case1: Pfizer's structure in Pfizer, we found that we removed the position of Chief Operating Officer and replaced it with a business unit reporting directly to the President of Greater ChinaThe three business units are: hospital sales, retail, and innovative Internet health services.
    Case2: Novartis Pharmaceuticals announces to employees that from June 1, Novartis's heavy-duty product sales team will set up three regional sales directors in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to report directly to Thomas Rowland, head of the immunization, liver, pico and respiratory divisionsThe head of the national sales and market access strategy will leave Novartis to pursue external career development opportunities.
    Case3: Internet companies last year, announced more and more companies to adjust personnel, in early 2019 did announce 15 percent of layoffs, last eliminated 10 percent of the vice-president-level executives, the United States, Mobai, Zhi and other Internet companies have also laid off.
    Numerous cases show that enterprises have actively adjusted the organizational structure, the phenomenon of layoffs is not uncommon, its appearance is seemingly to save labor costs, but the essence of the pursuit of enterprise flat development, the aim is to make enterprises faster, more efficient, thereby directly enhance competitivenessLast year, Oracle China announced 900 job cuts, with netizens joking: "Zhongguancun's largest nursing home has fallen." "In the past, pharmaceutical companies continued to grow, but now the pharmaceutical profits, pharmaceutical "fat enterprises" are slimming down.
    "Fat enterprise" must finally "slim down" by the past decade and later policy and demographic dividends, the pharmaceutical industry rapid development, and the internal extensive management by the performance of the illusion of cover.
    Multinational pharmaceutical companies have adopted people-to-people tactics, expand the sales force, regardless of cost and return on investment, at one time the head of several pharmaceutical companies sales staff peaked at more than 5000 peopleA foreign enterprise respiratory products Beijing Hospital set AB gang, monthly sales of 100-200 boxes.
    The large organization of pharmaceutical companies is not only a problem of efficiency, but also a series of "corporate diseases".
    (1) "Big business disease" This kind of enterprise is manifested as the organization structure is bloated, the staff redundancy, the organization level is too much, the internal bureaucratization is centralized, resulting in the organization efficiency is becoming less and less.
    (2) "Small company large organization" many small companies, blind pursuit of specialization, resulting in the internal professional division of labor too fine, resulting in a serious division of responsibilities, serious departmental barriersWhen these companies encounter external pressure, they often experience problems and even create an existential crisis.
    Whether it is "big business disease", or "small company organization" are disease, there is no medical treatment, the long-term enterprise will be sick Pfizer has the genes of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, in today's pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer's frequent restructuring, what are the commercial implications behind?
    Step 1: November 2018 Step 2: September 2019 Step 3: June 2020 1 Avenue to Jane - Business unit needs to be simplified From The structure of Pfizer, the business unit consists of three parts: hospital sales, retail, innovative Internet medical services business.
    The business unit portfolio is more streamlined, especially for generic or generic pharmaceutical companies In the past, most pharmaceutical companies were structured according to the treatment field, each of which was headed by the general manager, emphasizing refinement and specialization The division of labor between departments is very detailed, the division of responsibilities is seriously divided, resulting in high departmental barriers, can not effectively cooperate, forming a "department wall."
    In today's uncertain era, pharmaceutical companies need to simplify business processes and modules, promote flexible and borderless organization formation, the result is that the enterprise business units are simple, flexible organization, rapid response This business unit is more adaptable to the changing medical policy and the complex medical situation.
    2 "Digital Medical" will become the future of the business All pharmaceutical companies are focusing on new business, digital marketing, medical, research and development.
    (1) Sanofi executives were laid off, leaving the chief digital officer with four Sanofi executives to leave in April, reducing the number of executive committees reporting to the CEO from 14 to 10 CDO's position as chief digital officer remains, and its job is to continue to focus on businesses such as digital therapy.
    (2) Innovative Internet healthcare has become one of the three major businesses of Puqiang and Pfizer's adjustment, innovative Internet medical service business has become one of the main business units, and is also strengthening the status of digital medical.
    China's vast digital gene population is driving changes in consumption patterns The digital business in the medical field is greatly influenced by the policy, and the digital medicine has not yet formed the scale, but with the aging of the digital gene population, the digital medicine business has gradually become mainstream.
    Until then, multinationals had the most sense of smell.
    The three advantages lay a flat position (1) faster the flattening of large enterprises, shorten the feedback decision-making process, accelerate the enterprise's feedback speed in the competition, to bring customers a better experience Last week, the management of a joint venture pharmaceutical company visited a director of Peking University Hospital, medicine, market, regional market, sales line of seven or eight people, hoping to participate in the director's academic program, the director of the introduction of 1 hour, and finally told the director also need to go back to discuss.
    (2) More efficient Flat makes communication more concise, and therefore increases efficiency The enterprise structure is very complex, the chief operating officer, the general manager of the business, the general manager of North and South China, the regional manager, the regional manager, the representative, the CEO down 8 floors The most common problem with this architecture is the "shake pot".
    (3) Lower costs There is no doubt that the most visible resultist is the reduction of corporate labor costs, which is also in line with the needs of all Chinese pharmaceutical companies today.
    In an uncertain time, it is urgent for pharmaceutical companies to adapt to China's severe policy environment How to make "fat enterprises" orderly "slim", is not too late, very testing the wisdom of entrepreneurs.
    Medical thin profit, is no longer "thin" and "not thin" problem, but "life" and "death" of the problem, Pfizer "slim" inspiration, worthy of entrepreneurs to think deeply.
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