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    "Pharmaceutical Express" Jiangsu announced the new crown vaccine procurement catalog MSD sell-off Mod...

    • Last Update: 2021-01-07
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    December 3, 2020 / Medical Information List: BMS Odivo New Adaptive Disease Listing Application was accepted by CDE; Merca East sold Moderna shares; Henrenoli glycopeptide injection clinical trial approved; Stone Pharmaceutical Group "first-in-class" antibody new drug approved clinical Lepu spin-off listing in China ... Daily fresh medicine news, speed reading society and you pay attention to! Part 1 Policy Brief The two ministries issued a paper to deepen the reform of the health care title system on December 1, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs and the National Health And Wellness Commission jointly studied and drafted the "guidance on deepening the reform of the title system of health professional and technical personnel (draft for comments)" was officially released, focusing on the reform of the previous evaluation criteria too much emphasis on papers, practice-oriented, not enough attention to clinical issues.
    ( Ministry of Human Resources) Jiangsu announced the new crown vaccine procurement catalog on December 1, Jiangsu Province Public Resources Trading Center issued "on the development of new coronavirus vaccine procurement notice." according to the
    procurement catalogue, the new crown vaccine purchased in Jiangsu is a new type of coronavirus inactivated vaccine (Vero cells) that can be used urgently, from Wuhan Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.
    (Jiangsu Province Public Resources Trading Center) Heilongjiang to lift the pharmacy spacing restrictions on December 1, Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Administration issued "on the optimization of drug management (retail) enterprises to open approval related matters notice."
    "Notice" clearly, optimize the drug business (retail) license opening approval, cancel the drug retail chain stores, pharmaceutical retail enterprises to prepare for the establishment of approval.
    shall implement the notification commitment system for the approval and approval of drug retail chain stores and pharmaceutical retail enterprises that apply to operate only Class B over-the-counter drugs, and shall not set unreasonable conditions such as spacing restrictions for the opening of pharmacies.
    (Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Administration) Jiangxi Guixi comprehensively solve the problem of rural doctors On December 1, the Office of the People's Government of Guixi City, Jiangxi Province issued a "notice on the issuance of the implementation of the "village employment" of rural doctors in Guixi City (trial).
    The Measures system stipulates the contents of the village doctor profession in the fields of talent selection, treatment guarantee and village health room management.
    (People's Government of Guixi City, Jiangxi Province) Hainan to carry out device coding provincial pilot recently, Hainan Provincial Drug Administration issued the "Hainan Province Medical Device Unique Identification System Pilot Work Programme" shows that will explore the unique logo in the production, operation and use of medical devices in all aspects of the pilot application, timely summary of experience, the formation of operating norms, workflow, replication and promotion to expand the scope of the pilot.
    (Hainan Provincial Drug Administration) Part 2 has reached a $1 billion research and development partnership with AbbVie, and AbbVie and Frontier Pharmaceuticals have jointly announced a global strategic partnership that will jointly identify, develop and commercialize innovative small molecule drug pipelines for "non-drugable" protein targets using Frontier's unique chemical proteomics technology platform.
    sold its shares in Moderna on December 2nd, and Mercedon issued a statement saying it had given up its direct control of Moderna in the first half of the fourth quarter and sold its stake in Moderna, resulting in "a small increase in fourth-quarter financial revenue".
    of the proceeds has not been disclosed, but it could be significant.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Johnson and Johnson's acquisition of Hemera's gene therapy recently, Johnson and Johnson subsidiary Jansen Pharmaceuticals acquired Hemera Biosciences' gene therapy patent.
    financial details were not released on the acquisition.
    HMR59 therapy is currently in the phase I treatment process and is being evaluated in Phase I Phase II of wet AMD patients.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Tallac completed a $62 million round of A-round financing On December 1, Tallac Therapeutics announced the completion of a $62 million round of A-round financing, primarily to advance the development of several drug candidates for solid tumors based on the screening of the new Toll-antibody-coupled drug platform.
    (Pharmaceutical Rubik's Cube) Co-Pharma, Pharmaceutical Biology and Tubulis reached a cooperation on December 2, Pharmaceutical Mingkang subsidiary Hequan Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Biology and Tubulis Announced that the three parties established a strategic partnership to jointly accelerate the development of Tubulis next-generation ADC, until the new drug clinical trial application.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Lepu spin-off listing on December 1, Lepu Medical subsidiary Lepu Diagnostics officially issued a prospecto.
    November 2, Lepu Medical announced that it intends to spin off its subsidiary Lepu Diagnostics to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
    (Saibai Blue Equipment) National University Pharmacy's first beauty store opened in Shanghai recently, the first European/Japanese-Korean U.S. cosmetics new retail pharmacy created in Shanghai was launched in Pudong New Area Zhang Yang store.
    the current National University of Beauty new retail pharmacies have reached 22, all over Shanghai business circles.
    (pharmacy manager) Hua dao biological completed nearly 200 million yuan C round of financing recently, Hua dao biological completed nearly 200 million yuan C round of financing.
    this financing will be mainly used for the construction of phase I phase I clinical trials of HD CD19 CAR-T injections at Hua dao Biosongjiang Base.
    (Medical Valley) Part 3 Drug News Hundred-Time Meishi Guibao Opdivo and Yervoy new adaptive disease listing application was accepted by CDE today, CDE website latest publicity, Hundred-Year-Old Mei Shiguibao submitted immuno-checkpoint inhibitors Navuliyu monoanti and Ipimu mono-anti-new adaptive drug listing application was accepted.
    week ago, a combination therapy for the two new drugs was to be included in the priority review of "conditionally approved medicines" for the treatment of non-removable non-epithelial malignant thoracic mesothelioma adult patients for initial treatment.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Bayer launched its cell and gene therapy platform, Bayer announced that its pharmaceutical division has launched a cell and gene therapy platform, further strengthening Bayer's initial leadership position in this field and better advancing the development of cell and gene therapy.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Henrinoly glycopeptide injection clinical trial was approved today, Hengrui Pharmaceutical announced that recently received approval from the State Drug Administration issued a "drug clinical trial approval notice" on noli glycosine injection, and will soon start clinical trials.
    glycosine injections are intended to treat obesity or overweight.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Qilu Pharmaceutical Dabiga group ester capsule listing application was accepted on December 2, CDE official website data show that Qilu Pharmaceuticals declared the Dabiga group ester capsule 4 generic listing application was accepted.
    2019, the drug will have terminal sales of more than 600 million yuan in China's public medical institutions.
    (Minenet) Stone Pharmaceutical Group "first-in-class" antibody new drugs approved clinically in China on December 1, Stone Pharmaceuticals Group announced that its subsidiaries declared a class 1 new drug ALMB-0166 clinical trial application has been approved by NMPA to carry out clinical research in acute spinal cord injury.
    ALMB-0166 is a "first-in-class" humanized monoclonal antibody inhibitor targeting the half-channel membrane protein Connexin 43.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Haisco Class 1 new drugs will be approved recently, Hesco's Class 1 new drug HSK3486 emulsion injection application entered the approval status, will soon be approved for market.
    expected to be approved this time is the diagnosis and treatment of sedation and/or anesthesia in the digestive tract endoscopy.
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