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    Pharmaceutical industry "in the exam" results: more than half of the company's pre-joy.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-05
    • Source: Internet
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    Medicine Network August 3rd, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia has caused a certain degree of impact on all walks of life, although the outbreak on the pharmaceutical industry has a certain advantage, but compared with the same period last year, the entire industry also showed a significant decline.
    data show that half of the 126 pharmaceutical listed companies that have reported half-year results are happy and three-quarters are profitable.
    sub-sectors, biological products have become a new trend of development, the median increase in net profit of enterprises more than the traditional strong Chinese medicine, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
    30 enterprises doubled their profits in the first half of this year, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia so that the pharmaceutical industry stood on the wind of accelerated development, from the half-yearly report of medicine can be seen. Nearly half of the 126 pharmaceutical stocks that have reported half-year results are expected, including 40, 18 slightly higher, 3 and 3, according to
    a few happy a few worries, 29 companies pre-performance decline, 33 enterprises lost money, including the United States health huge loss of 650 million yuan to become the "loss king."
    ST Tiansheng, International Medicine, Yihua Health and other 4 enterprises profit decline of more than 100%, thousands of yam machine sending the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the company's stock termination of the listing decision.
    from the profit situation, three quarters of the enterprises to achieve profits, of which "medical equipment one brother" Meirui Medical with a net profit of 3.5 billion yuan to become the A-share pharmaceutical shares "profit king."
    30 companies profit growth of more than 100%, British Medical, Oriental Biology, Da'an Gene, net profit increased 28 times, 13 times, 12 times.
    as a whole, the entire pharmaceutical sector in the first half of the year or ushered in the development of the wind, but also won the favor of the capital market.
    the first half of 2020, the pharmaceutical industry rose 50%, outperforming the Shanghai index by 52 percentage points.
    Boxing Securities pointed out that in recent years, in the aging trend of the population, medicine as a necessity of the rising business climate, coupled with the first half of the sudden outbreak, making the entire pharmaceutical industry chain is on the stage to accelerate the development of the wind.
    driven by the wind, the fundamentals of the entire pharmaceutical sector are improving, so that the capital market is expected to form performance and valuation resonance, thus becoming the focus of capital group heating.
    Kanghua biological into the "most expensive" pharmaceutical stocks sub-sector, biological products because of the overall and star individual money-making effect is the most eye-catching.
    in the first half of this year, the median net profit growth of biologics companies reached 30 per cent, despite the overall decline in net profits in industries such as traditional and most profitable Chinese medicine and chemical pharmaceuticals.
    in the field of individual stocks are outstanding.
    recently listed Kanghua Bio, Gan Li Pharmaceuticals money-making effect burst shed, the first signing to earn 260,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan.
    Kanghua Bio is the first and currently the only production of human diploblast rabies vaccine vaccine production enterprises, after the listing of 20 consecutive upand, replacing Changchun Gaoxin as the "most expensive" pharmaceutical stocks.
    Kanghua Bio's half-yearly report shows that its first-half net profit increased by 118%, ranking second in the whole biological products industry, with an expected net profit of 185 million yuan.
    known as "insulin maotai" called Gan li Pharmaceuticals after the listing of a strong harvest of 12 consecutive boards, market value rushed to hundreds of billions.
    's half-yearly report shows that the company's performance slightly increased, net profit increased by 15%, is expected to reach up to 300 million yuan.
    medical device performance is also worthy of attention and sector more individual stocks, more universal sub-sector is medical devices.
    sector performance overall good, 42 companies issued earnings forecast, 26 companies pre-increase, 2 consecutive wins, 1 turn a loss, only 4 losses.
    from the industry leader, the pharmaceutical stocks in the best performing stocks include "profit king" Meirui Medical, "net profit growth king" English Medical, are from the medical device sector.
    Meirui Medical's high net profit can not be separated from the background of the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, look at the global spread of the epidemic, the demand for monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps significantly increased, just in line with the business category of Murray Medical.
    at present, the total market value of Meirui Medical has exceeded 400 billion yuan.
    "net profit growth" Wang Yingke Medical, net profit is expected to reach up to 2.1 billion yuan.
    good performance also let the company in the A-share performance, as of July 15, The British Medical has risen more than 1000% so far this year, becoming this year's first non-tech board "10 times shares."
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