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    Pharmaceutical industry selling water people stand on the wind mouth outsourcing enterprises have to raise funds to run the horse ring

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    June 12 , as the new drug research and development and production industry chain continues to be complex, refined, resulting in cost increases and research and development difficulties, CRO / CDMO and other pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry is known as the pharmaceutical industry innovation and research and development of the "water seller", its business climate is also rising.
    Affected by the outbreak, the pharmaceutical research and development outsourcing services industry has achieved a counter-trend growthRecently, the head of the Department of Services and Trade of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the development of China's service outsourcing industry this year, said that in January-April, the emerging digital business and biomedical research and development services grew faster.
    Tonghuashun data show that including Kelelion, Tyger Pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical outsourcing industry listed companies market value has recently reached a new highAmong them, Kelley has risen more than 70% so far this year.
    For the development of the pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry, Hong Kong-listed company Kingsley Investor Relations Vice President Wei Shinou told reporters that China's innovative pharmaceutical market has great potential for development, promoting the development of the pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry.
    "The pharmaceutical outsourcing service industry can be broken down into different areas, and the business esbeing in different enterprises is related to the professional tendencies of the founders, " Shi Lichen, founder of Beijing Dingchen Pharmaceutical Management Consulting Center, told reportersAmong them, innovative drug research and development, the need for a strong research and development teamWith the upgrading of pharmaceutical outsourcing services and the intensity of intense competition, the demand for the strength of enterprise research and development is also increasingPolicy and market dividends Continued On May 14 this year, the State Drug Administration issued the "Announcement on the evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic chemical injections" to indirectly send "policy red envelopes" to the pharmaceutical outsourcing service industry.
    "In contrast, generic drug consistency evaluation of the enterprise's research and development strength requirements are not very high, but the enterprise is required to successfully docking a variety of resources, the process requirements are more clearShi Lichen told reporters.
    In the eyes of the industry, the market space for innovative drugs is gradually opened, is the future of the pharmaceutical outsourcing services market continued to grow "east wind."
    "The decline in the price of generic drugs will provide market space for the development of innovative drugsChina's innovative drug market has gradually established the basis for rapid developmentWei Shinou told reporters that in recent years, the national health insurance policy has been constantly adjusted to allow drugs with real clinical therapeutic value to enter the health insurance, which greatly promoted the development and development of innovative drugs Specifically, the market segment of innovative pharmaceutical outsourcing services, chemical and biopharmaceutical outsourcing services have grown differently.
    According to reporters, in recent years, due to the rapid rise in the cost of new drug research and development, more and more pharmaceutical companies through strategic divestiture will focus more on the most core field of drug research and development Many large international drug companies are gradually divesting and outsourcing the research and development and production of small molecule drugs, focusing more on the development of macromolecule drugs This has been in the small molecule drug technology development, production field has accumulated technical advantages of domestic CDMO enterprises to bring development opportunities.
    Wei Shiu told reporters: "Innovative drugs in the global CRO, CDMO growth of more than 10%, this is a very rapid growth." If subdivided into macromolecule biologic drugs, then subdivided into gene therapy and cell therapy, the latter growth rate of more than 30%, which is also related to global research and development trends According to reporters, Kingsley has established four major platforms, including life scienceresearch services (CRO) platform, biopharmaceutical contract development and production organization (CDMO) platform, industrial synthetic products platform, comprehensive global cell therapy platform "Last year, our CDMO business saw a 172% increase in hand orders Wei Shinou said.
    Market concentration is still low Although the pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry has achieved rapid growth in recent years, but in the eyes of the industry, this is still a low degree of concentration of the field, companies race to carry out mergers and acquisitions there is a lot of room In the field of macromolecule biopharmaceuticals, for example, the top-ranked samsung biology, Boehringer Ingham (BI) and other large companies also account for less than 10% of the market share In addition, as the barriers to competition in the industry continue to rise, so do the requirements of enterprises in this area.
    According to reporters combing, since this year, the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry financing, especially with high-level capital to participate in the domestic CDMO field leader KaiLaiying caused concern.
    It is understood that in February this year, Gao Yu at a price of 124 yuan per share to participate in the price of The united Kingdom's fixed increase, a total investment of 2.3 billion yuan After the fixed increase, Gao Sheng shares more than 5%, becoming the second largest shareholder of Kelelion In addition to the leading company Kelelion, the industry's other leading company, Kang Longhuacheng, also completed the listing of The A-H shares At the end of April this year, the A-share Tag Pharma submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is expected to become the third company in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry to list a company after The Pharmaceutical semcon and Kang long.
    In the non-listed company sequence, financing is also very active According to the reporter's inquiry, Shanghai Ege Biotechnology Co., Ltd ("Yuge Biological") is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and production of macromolecular biopharmaceutical CDMO business and medium formula According to media reports, in March this year, the company received $51 million in Round A financing "Mai Berry", a one-stop outsourcing service provider for bio-drug research and development, announced the completion of round B financing, with a financing amount of more than RMB 500 million.
    "The first key to competition in the pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry is to create value for customers, which includes multiple dimensions, such as the quality and standards of services, whether they meet top GMP production standards, and whether there is supporting research and development capabilities." Wei Shiniu introduction.
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