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    "Pharmaceutical Speed Reader" thousands of yam machine to end the listing of Junshi biological landing branch of the first day of the surge.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-03
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    July 15, 2020 / Medical Information List: Thousand yams are on the market; Roche and Blueprint have reached a $1.8 billion partnership; Moderna has announced a clinical plan for the new Crown Vaccine Phase III; Junshi Bio-Landing has seen its first day surge; and GlaxoSmithKline's BCMA antibody conjugate drug is expected to be approved... Daily fresh medicine to hear medical news, fast-reading society with you to pay attention! Part 1 Policy Briefing 13 Departments: Active lying on Internet health care Today, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other 13 departments jointly issued "on supporting the healthy development of new models of new business conditions to activate the consumer market to drive the expansion of employment views."
    mentioned that the State Health Insurance Administration, the National Health and Care Commission division of responsibility, the eligible "Internet plus" medical services to include the scope of medical insurance payment.
    standardize the promotion of chronic disease Internet follow-up, telemedicine, Internet health counseling and other models.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) State Drug Administration: 6 cases of identification of counterfeit drugs do not need to issue inspection reports State Drug Administration on the 14th public reply to Guizhou Provincial Drug Administration, clearly related to the identification of counterfeit drugs.
    reply notes that there are six cases in which the quality inspection conclusions of the drug inspection institution need not be specified in the decision on the punishment of counterfeit and inferior drugs.
    (State Drug Administration) five departments jointly issued: release the village medical team reform 8 major signals recently Hubei Province Health and Health Commission and other five departments jointly issued "on the further strengthening of the rural doctor team construction notice."
    "Notice" from the preparation, public health funds, rising channels, medical fees, old-age insurance, recruitment threshold, integrated management, job title evaluation eight aspects to release a strong signal! (Hubei Health and Health Commission) Part 2 production and observation Ofjunshi Bio-Invention Board listing: market value of more than 130 billion Junshi bio today officially landed on the board, the opening price of 216 yuan, 289% higher than the issue price;
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) the former cattle stock thousands of yam machine was terminated on the evening of the 14th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice that the thousand-year-old drug machine stock ended the listing.
    Since the Shenzhen Stock Exchange made the decision to terminate the listing of the company's shares on the next trading day (i.e. August 5, 2020), the stock trading of thousands of yam machines has entered the de-listing period.
    the day after the expiration of the de-listing period, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange delisted the company's shares.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Modern Pharmaceutical director, president Yang Jun resigned Hyundai Pharmaceuticals announced that the company's board of directors, president Yang Jun on the 14th received a written resignation report, Yang Jun for work reasons to resign the company's director, president of the position, after resigning, Yang Jun will not hold any position in the company.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Roche and Blueprint have reached a $1.8 billion partnership with Blueprint Medicines in the field of RET inhibitors, announced Thursday that they have reached a global partnership with Roche Group member Genetek to develop and commercialize pralsetinib for cancer patients with the original cancer gene, RET mutations, including non-small cell lung cancer, thyroid myelin cancer and other thyroid and solid tumors.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Roche and Blueprint signed a $1.7 billion agreement to develop pralsetinib Roche and Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals partner Blueprint Medicines recently signed a licensing and cooperation agreement to develop and commercialize oral RET inhibitorpralsetinib outside the United States (excluding Greater China).
    (Biovalley) Xingxing Pharmaceuticals and Cytokinetics Co., Ltd. jointly developed myocardial muscle globulin inhibitors on the 14th, RTW Investments announced that its investment in a Shanghai-based biotechnology company, Xingxing Pharmaceuticals and Cytokinetics, has signed an exclusive license agreement for the development and commercialization of the new generation of myocardial myoglobulin inhibitorCK-274 in Greater China.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Part 3 Pharmaceutical Information Moderna announced the new crown vaccine Phase III clinical plan on July 14 local time, Moderna announced on its official website, is expected to start on July 27 for its development of the new coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273 phase III clinical trial.
    the trial will assess the effectiveness, safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine for adults 18 and older, and is expected to recruit 30,000 subjects.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Roche mosunetuzumab fda-qualified FDA breakthrough drug Roche recently announced that the U.S. FDA has awarded mosunetuzumab breakthrough drug, a T-cell-binding CD20xCD3 bispecific antibody for the treatment of patients with recurrent or refractive lyoka lymosis in adults who have previously received at least two system therapies.
    (BioValley) GlaxoSmithKline BCMA Antibody Coupling Drug is expected to be approved by GlaxoSmithKline announced that the FDA Oncology Medicine advisory committee voted 12-0 to support the company's development of the antibody coupling drug belantamab mafodotin, which benefits more than risk in the treatment of patients with recurrent/refractive multiple myeloma.
    (Drug Mingcond) the first IL-23 inhibitor to treat psoriasis arthritis - Jansen Tremfya was approved by the FDA on July 14 local time, Johnson and Johnson's Jansen announced that the U.S. FDA has approved Tremfya to treat adult patients with active psoriasis arthritis.
    Tremfya is the first approved treatment of active PsA-specific interleukin-23 (IL-23) inhibitors.
    (Drug Mingkang) Cornbey's sodium sodium intestinal tablets through consistency evaluation Connbei issued a notice that, recently, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Cornbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received the State Drug Administration issued on the "drug supplement application approval" of the sodium radorazole intestinal tablets, the drug through the generic drug consistency evaluation.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Renfu Pharmaceuticals Class 1 new drug "Injection Of Benzene Sulfonate Rymaprimon" will be approved Yichang Renfu Pharmaceuticals Class 1 new drug injection of benzosulfonate Remaazole listing application (acceptance number CXHS180035) in nMPA status changed to "in approval", is expected to be approved for listing.
    (Insight) PNAS releases three-negative breast cancer treatment breakthrough: A new immunotherapy program from researchers at Northwestern University in the United States has reported a new immunotherapy that significantly prolongs the survival of mice with triple-negative breast cancer.
    the new treatment consists of two immuno-stimulating drugs encapsulated in nanoparticles, and the mice treated with them were completely remissionable for at least 100 days, and none of the mice treated had adverse side effects or autoimmune responses.
    related findings are published in the journal PNAS.
    (Pharma Rubik's Cube)
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