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    Phased progress was made in the nutritional intervention study of betaine used in Bama pigs for "integration of mother and child"

    • Last Update: 2022-01-26
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      Maternal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is crucial for offspring growth, development and body health
    Improving maternal nutrition by adjusting the diet structure or supplementing functional additives can promote the growth and development, body health and meat quality of the offspring

    As a methyl donor, betaine has physiological functions such as antioxidant, anti-stress, and regulation of nutritional metabolism, which can improve animal reproductive performance, carcass traits and meat quality.
    Therefore, it is widely used as a functional feed additive in pig production

    At present, the relevant research on betaine at home and abroad mainly focuses on foreign pig breeds and hybrid pig breeds, and there are few studies on local pigs in China

    Bama Xiang pig is a high-quality local mini-pig in China.
    It has the advantages of stable genetics, resistance to rough feeding, strong disease resistance, and delicious meat, and has a good market prospect

    However, its growth and development is slow, traditional breeding is mainly stocking, and the efficiency of extensive breeding is low, which seriously hinders the healthy development of the fragrant pig industry

    Therefore, the development of nutritional intervention technology for Bama pig is of great significance to ensure its large-scale breeding


      Recently, researcher Kong Xiangfeng's team from the Research Center of Livestock and Poultry Healthy Breeding and Agro-Pastoral Complex Ecology, Institute of Subtropical Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, systematically studied the feeding effect of betaine added to the diet of sows and piglets on Bama pigs, and the secretion of hormones , nutrient metabolism, intestinal microecology, gene expression and other aspects discussed its mechanism of action
    The team found that betaine can improve the composition of sow colostrum and intestinal microecology, regulate the body's nutritional metabolism and the secretion of reproductive hormones, thereby improving the reproductive performance of sows; it can enhance the body's immune function and antioxidant properties, improve intestinal It can regulate the secretion of hormones and nutrition metabolism, and then promote the growth and development of suckling piglets; it can affect the plasma biochemical parameters and hormone content, improve the chemical composition of muscles, regulate the gene expression of skeletal muscle, and then improve the growth performance and carcass traits of growing and finishing pigs.
    and meat quality

    The above research findings provide theoretical basis and technical support for the rational application of betaine in local pig healthy breeding


      The above research results have been published in Animal Nutrition , Frontiers in Nutrition , Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture , and Journal of Animal Nutrition
    The research was jointly funded by the National Key R&D Program Project (2018YFD0500404) and the Shandong Xiangwei Enterprise Cooperation Project


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      Flow chart of the nutritional intervention study of betaine used in Bama pigs "integration of mother and child"

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