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    Phosphoric acid became the leading export product of Fangcheng Port, valued at US$46,995,200

    • Last Update: 2022-02-26
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    According to statistics from Fangchenggang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first quarter of this year, Fangchenggang completed 722 batches of export phosphoric acid inspection and quarantine, with a total weight of 63,400 tons and a value of US$46,995,200, a year-on-year increase of 33.
    0%, 28.
    9% and 9.
    5% respectively

    Fangchenggang is China’s largest phosphoric acid export base.
    There are 9 phosphoric acid export companies within its jurisdiction, including Lida Chemical and Bosen Chemical.
    In recent years, the export volume of phosphoric acid has continued to grow steadily.
    In 67 countries and regions such as Japan and South Korea, the quality remained stable.
    There were no unqualified cases detected and no return information feedback received throughout the quarter

    Phosphoric acid export has become a business card for Fangchenggang to go global

    In order to ensure the smooth export of phosphoric acid products in its jurisdiction, Fangchenggang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau gives full play to its advantages in information, timely informs enterprises of the latest international requirements and developments, especially mandatory requirements of importing countries, and guides enterprises to actively respond to foreign technical trade Measures to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

    At the same time, through specific measures such as the exemption of export phosphoric acid inspection and quarantine fees, the implementation of classified management of phosphoric acid production enterprises, and the implementation of export phosphoric acid inspection time limits, the speed of customs clearance of goods has been accelerated, and the rapid clearance of customs clearance has been achieved to save costs for phosphoric acid export enterprises

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