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    PNAS: A new treatment for neurodegenerative diseases

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire- to a recent study --- by researchers at the University of Heidelberg looked at new ways to treat neurodegenerative diseasesNeurobiologists have demonstrated through mouse models that the loss of protective nerve cell dendrites can reduce the risk of brain damage after strokeBased on this finding, a team led by Professor Hilmar Bading and Professor Daniela Mauceri are developing new ways to treat neurodegenerative diseasescurrent study published in the journal PNAS(photo:brain nerve cells have many dendrite structures that can be linked to other neuronsThese highly complex branch structures are an important prerequisite for their connection to other nerve cells to enable the brain to function properlyin earlier studies, researchers at the University of Heidelberg found that the signaling molecule VEGF-D is key to maintaining and restoring neuronal structuresBased on these findings, the researchers explored whether restoring VEGF-D levels could prevent a decrease in the structure of neuronal dendrites after a stroketo do so, they will use bio-combined vegfDd spent in biotechnology to treat the brains of mice with strokesProfessor Mauceri said: "This treatment has succeeded in alleviating the loss of dendritic structures, thereby reducing brain damageIn addition, the mice recovered more quickly after treatmentsecond step, the researchers gave an improved form of VEGFD nasal drops to simplify the treatment processIn the long run, scientists hope the results will help develop new ways to treat stroke(Bio Valley researchers researchers new approachs to the of the : Mauceri, D., et al (2020) Nosnolyd veGFD mimetics stroke-
    -ddeddedd Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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