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    PNAS: New Discovery! Special stretch inge-out cells in the brain may increase the body's appetite!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    JUNE 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Stretching cells (tanycytes) are a glial cell that communicates with neurons in the brain to guide the body's ability to eat, according to a recent study published in the international journal PNAS, scientists from the University of Warwick and others found that when stretchcells are selectively stimulated, the body's appetite increasesPrevious studies have found that stretching cells that exist in parts of the brain and control energy levels can detect nutrients in food and tell the brain directly about the food the body consumesPhoto Source: University of Warwick Stretch cells function by sensing amino acids in food, which sense the "taste" of amino acids through the same receptors that are present in the taste buds of the tongue; in the article, researchers explain why stretching cells increase the body's appetite; stretching cells are glial cells located in the center of the brain that are arranged in what is called "taste" In the ventricles" space, where it can sense or taste nutrients in the cerebrospinal fluid, the level of nutrients in the cerebrospinal fluid depends on the food we consume, and a key question is whether stretching cells transmit nutritional information to nearby neurons to regulate the body's appetite and how much energy is consumed by activity or body heat generationBy selectively expressing a light-sensitive ion channel, the researchers were able to activate their expression in a special way, thereby promoting the activation of nearby neurons, and by analyzing the identity of the neurons that have been activated, the researchers found that stretching cells can open up two different pathways involved in the body's feedingOne pathway is related to the driving force of eating, while the other is related to reduced feeding drivers and increased energy consumption, and researchers may not know which of the two diametrically opposed pathways will "win." By studying how stimulating stretching cells alter the body's eating behavior, the researchers found that this leads to an increase in food intake in the short term, meaning that excessive intake overcomes the opposite of intake and energy consumption; The reaction, so when stretching cells are stimulated, the body eats less, but to our great surprise, the body actually eats more, so the researchers established a link between stretching cells and food intake, but they didn't fully understand how to control the body's weight over timeScientists have been studying the neural mechanisms that control the body's food for decades, and now the study finds a new "player" added to the brain's neural circuits, and the study finds that stretching cells may play a key role in increasing the body's appetite, and that these stretching cells may be expected to be potential targets in the future to help reduce or increase food intake, thus treating a variety of diseases(BioValley Original origins: Matei Bolborea, Eric Pollatzek, Heather Benford, et alHypothalamic tanycytes generate acute hyperphagia per activation of the arcuate neuronal network, PNAS 8, 2020 doi: 10.1073/pnas.19888717
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