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    Polyplastics uses new detection methods to detect and prevent gas combustion during injection molding

    • Last Update: 2021-10-11
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    Tokyo, September 15, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Polyplastics Co.
    , Ltd.
    , the world's leading supplier of engineering thermoplastics, has discovered a variety of solutions that can effectively help processors reduce injection molding Gas combustion phenomenon that occurs in the process

    The company uses an effective detection method to analyze this phenomenon and help develop preventive measures.
    This method is called the "Gas Estimation Method During Injection Molding" (GIMIM)


    (Picture: https://kyodonewsprwire.

    The gas generated during the molding process cannot escape and is compressed, causing the resin surface to heat and burn, which has a serious impact on continuous molding
    The company uses the above-mentioned detection methods to first detect the gas generated by energy loss during injection

    Generally, the nozzle of the injection machine adopts a sharply contracted structure, and this shape will cause energy loss

    Potential solutions include reducing injection speed, using multiple gates or cavities, and increasing the size of gates and nozzles


    In order to prevent uneven heat conduction in the injection molding machine barrel, the test results show that the use of an injection molding machine that is too large relative to the molded product should be avoided, the barrel temperature should be reduced, and the use of mold contact molding should be avoided to prevent heat loss from the mold

    The GIMIM method also found the reason for the clogging of the pores, that is, the complex relationship between the volume of low-boiling and high-boiling substances and the total volume of substances in the decomposed gas
    The solution includes lowering the temperature of the barrel, and often using a rag and other items to wipe off the mold deposits that are slightly stuck to the exhaust port


    Finally, the GIMIM test method can also verify the purging process
    After multiple pieces of material are formed, there is currently no other method to verify the effect of the purging process except for visual confirmation

    GIMIM can detect substances in ppm, so it only takes a few injections of the machine to verify the correctness of the purging process


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