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    【Polypropylene (PP) pellets】Cost collapse, the market decline is unstoppable

    • Last Update: 2022-08-22
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    Polypropylene profit comparison table

    This month, the domestic polypropylene pellet market rose first and then declined.
    The domestic epidemic situation improved significantly during the month, and downstream construction gradually resumed to stimulate the trend.
    However, the good times did not last long.
    With the sharp drop in crude oil, the plastic cost support collapsed instantly, and the market panic spread.
    , the polypropylene market center of gravity once fell, and the market decline is difficult to stop


    According to statistics, the average domestic wire drawing price this month is about 150 yuan/ton lower than the previous month


    Looking at the next month, although the domestic epidemic is currently under control, the overseas epidemic is spreading, and new downstream orders are limited, and the overall supply and demand pattern of the market is unlikely to improve


    In terms of crude oil, the current oil price war is still showing an unprecedented momentum, and the boost to the risk market by short-term global monetary and fiscal policies is difficult to benefit the crude oil market


    In terms of coal, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic, the supply side has basically returned to normal, but the overseas epidemic has affected domestic industrial export orders, which indirectly dragged down industrial electricity and coal consumption.
    The market is in a passive accumulation state of inventory with strong supply and weak demand, and the rebound drive is obviously insufficient.
    , coal-to-polypropylene profits are expected to change little


    In terms of methanol, the short-term methanol price continued to be weak due to the decline in overseas demand, but in the later stage, the methanol price has fallen to a historical low.
    The MTO unit will be overhauled in the early stage next month or will resume work one after another to drive demand growth.
    At the same time, some methanol units plan to overhaul the overall supply pressure in the market The methanol market is expected to ease, and the profit of methanol-to-polypropylene is expected to decline next month


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