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    PP market narrow consolidation futures volatility rebound

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    The PP market showed a narrow consolidation trend
    Futures are volatile and rebound, which has a limited
    impact on market sentiment.
    The ex-factory price of most petrochemical regions remained stable, which formed a certain source cost support
    for the market.
    Traders accompany the shipment and observe the market reaction; Downstream factories are cautious and wait-and-see, the willingness to take the initiative to receive goods is limited, and the market transaction is mainly
    based on just demand.


    The mainstream price of wire drawing in North China market is 9700-9850 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of wire drawing in East China market is 9800-9900 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price of wire drawing in South China market is 9800-9900 yuan / ton

    PP prices in North China adjusted slightly, futures fluctuated trends, spot market quotations did not change much, factories mostly maintained on-demand procurement, and market transactions were average

    PP prices in South China fluctuated
    in a narrow range.
    Petrochemical plant prices were stable, and traders' quotations were stable
    Downstream factories purchase on demand and negotiate on a real basis

    PP prices in East China are sorted
    out in a narrow range.
    The volatility trend of futures has little impact, and the spot market stabilizes prices
    The terminal is full of risk aversion, traders mostly accompany the market to ship, a small amount just needs to be traded

    PP prices in central China have moved steadily, and the supply of goods is normal
    The rebound of the low level of the futures market has boosted the market mentality, while the stability of petrochemical plant prices has supported the cost of supply, and traders mostly ship with them
    Downstream factories can be used as they go, and real negotiations are the mainstay

    PP prices in the southwest region are mostly stable
    Petrochemical plant prices were lowered individually, and the support for the cost of supply was slightly weakened, and traders shipped with them, and the quotations moved steadily
    Downstream factories purchase an appropriate amount and negotiate with real market

    PP prices in Northwest China were weak, and individual grades fell slightly by 20-30 yuan / ton
    There is no guidance on the volatility trend of futures, and traders' quotations are mostly accompanied by market quotations
    However, the terminal is affected by environmental protection factors and has stopped work a lot, so short-term demand is relatively weak, and the transaction center has declined

    PP prices in the northeast have moved
    The ex-factory price of petrochemicals is stable, which forms a certain cost support
    for the market.
    Traders accompany shipments, downstream factories have limited enthusiasm for receiving goods, and market transactions are mainly
    based on rigid demand.

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