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    PPG and PPG Foundation invested more than US$9 million in global charity activities in 2018

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
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      Pittsburgh, 2019 Nian 2 Yue 21 Ri - PPG (NYSE: PPG ) today announced that 2018 Nian PPG and PPG Foundation total invested over 900 million dollars for the charity communities around the world .
    These funds are mainly used to carry out sustainable development and education projects in hundreds of community organizations in 28 countries where PPG employees live, work and participate in construction , which has brought positive impacts to community residents .

    Malesia Dunn, Executive Director of   PPG Foundation and Global Corporate Social Responsibility, said: " Since its establishment more than 135 years, PPG has always been committed to giving back to the community where the company is located .
    We are very grateful to the partners and employees in the global community .
    It is with their support that PPG The community activities can only be carried out smoothly .
    We hope that this fine tradition will continue to be maintained in the next few years .

    Some of the donated projects and funded organizations in 2018 include:

    •   Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center : Donations are mainly used to fund the " PPG Science PAVILION? "
      The science museum contains multiple learning laboratories for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ( STEM ), and a two-story, 14,000- square-foot exhibition hall that can host large-scale traveling exhibitions
      In addition, the PointView conference hall
      in the Science Museum can be used for large-scale meetings and events.
      The space is open and overlooks the city skyline of Pittsburgh .
      The Science Museum will also be equipped with a series of new and expanded STEM education facilities
      The " PPG Science Museum" has a total of 9 classrooms, which will further expand the service capacity of the Carnegie Science Center and provide more courses for children and adults, such as student day camp activities and teacher professional development courses
      For more details, please click here

    •   Many universities in China: The PPG University Talent Assistance Program provides scholarships and career consulting services for students from 11 Chinese universities

    •   Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
      Xbots Robotics organization: donations are mainly used Xbots Robotics robot team GoBabyGo ! Item
      Participating members of the project help disabled children with rehabilitation and physical therapy by improving electric wheelchairs
      The project also provides STEM training for poor children in multiple boys' clubs .

    •   Mobile, Alabama City Aviation Education Center : funds for the construction project in Alabama flight ( Flight Works Alabama ) the "space exploration exhibition", is committed to providing contact with aviation knowledge for learners of all ages Opportunities, so that they can get inspiration from it and learn the skills and technology of advanced manufacturing and aviation industry

    • NEMO Science and Technology Museum in   Amsterdam, Netherlands : Donations are mainly used to carry out STEM- related courses in Dutch elementary schools .
      The course aims to help students experience the current technological challenges firsthand, stimulate students' interest in technology and engineering, enhance self-confidence and inquiry spirit, provide opportunities to communicate with engineering professionals, and gradually change the gender bias in this field .

    •   Brazil Sumaré Youth Achievement Organization: Donations are mainly used for For Our Nation STEM project, Future of Work project and innovation camp project

    • Junior Uni organization   in Wuppertal, Germany : PPG helps the organization provide local children and young people with practical extracurricular education in the field of technology and scientific research

      In addition, PPG created a new milestone in 2018.
    Since its "Colorful Community" project ( COLORFUL COMMUNITIES ? ) was launched in 2015 , more than
    200 projects have been completed .
    A total of more than 11,000 employees and community volunteers participated in the project, provided nearly 22,000 gallons of paint and more than 74,000 hours of volunteer service, creating more colorful and bright community environments for more than 5.
    2 million people in 30 countries around the world .

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