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    PPG company released two environmentally friendly fire retardant coatings

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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       Global Coatings Network News:

    Global Coatings Network News:

    The marine and protective coatings business unit of PPG Industries of the United States has launched two new water-based fire-resistant coatings, STEELGUARD 601 and STEELGUARD 651, to the market, which can provide two-hour protection for steel structures under cellulosic fires and are also environmentally friendly.

    According to the company, the STEELGUARD series products meet the modern construction industry’s needs for steel structure coatings, including good protective functions, smooth surfaces and aesthetically consistent coating quality.
    They not only provide anti-corrosion performance for steel structures, but also ensure The steel structure is firm and stable under fire conditions.

    These two fire-retardant coatings use specially designed formulas.
    The coating itself is very light and very thin, but in the case of fire and high temperature, it can quickly expand into a very thick foam-like isolation layer to prevent high temperature from affecting the steel structure substrate.
    It can provide 120 minutes protection function for steel structure at 350~750℃ high temperature.

    According to Jason Wall, PPG’s global cellulosic fire passive fire protection coating business manager, the company closely cooperates with architects and designers around the world to develop water-based intumescent fire protection coatings.
    While meeting the modern construction industry's demand for "green products", it also provides high-quality protective functions for buildings, which can protect human safety and customer assets in the event of a fire.

    STEELGUARD 601 and STEELGUARD 651 are both one-component packaging water-based coatings, which have the characteristics of ultra-high solid content, extremely low VOC content, and low odor, which can provide health and safety protection for construction workers.
    This feature is also for owners and construction workers.
    Fang provided the possibility of in-service construction of steel structures.

    At present, these two products have passed the certification of EN 13381-8:2013 and BS476 (part 20/21), and can meet the requirements of the ISO 12944-2 standard for the internal environment of C1 and C2 and the ETAG 018-2 standard Z2 Durability requirements under Z1 and Y environments.
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