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    PPG water-based automotive coatings help the development of China's new energy vehicle market

    • Last Update: 2021-07-22
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      Shanghai, China, 2018 Nian 7 Yue 13 Ri -PPG (NYSE: PPG ) recently with a number of SAIC, BYD Auto, Weimaraner cars and clouds of cars and other leading Chinese auto manufacturers cooperation, these are mostly brand's New energy models create unique body colors and provide coating products .
    These new energy models were all unveiled at this year's Beijing Auto Show .

      Driven by the country’s proactive policies and consumers’ increasing demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, China’s new energy vehicle market has ushered in explosive growth.
    Traditional automakers and emerging “new car manufacturers” have all launched in the near future.
    The respective new energy vehicle models


    The color experts of   PPG China and the designers of SAIC General Motors Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center specially developed the "Jihong" for the new BUICK ENSPIRE ® pure electric SUV concept model.
    It combines the
    patented technology of PPG ANDARO ® dispersion color paste and multiple coatings.
    The technology enhances the color saturation while deepening the transparent and deep reflection texture, triggering the ultimate color and gorgeous effect, making the
    Enspire car body present a crystal-like luster

      In addition, PPG and Weimar Motors have started a close cooperation to customize a full set of colors for its first new energy model EX5 TM .
    The ZIRCOBOND ® film pretreatment technology provided by PPG for Weimar Motors can help automakers significantly reduce water consumption .
    At the same time, Weimar Motors also uses PPG's new B1:B2 TM compression process to effectively reduce the volatilization of volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) while ensuring the performance of the coating and the appearance of the car .
    These two painting processes can help Weimar Motors meet the requirements for green and environmental protection .

      PPG continues its successful cooperation with BYD-BYD ​​Song MAX TM hybrid models use PPG car paint with the ultimate metallic blue effect and matched with colored varnishes.
    At the same time,
    PPG also provided BYD Yuan TM, a pure electric small SUV model with white paint; Chinese new energy automobile brand Yundu Automobile selected PPG as the body coating supplier for the full range of models

      " PPG has always been committed to providing customers with advanced coating processes to help automakers enhance brand recognition with unique colors, improve the appearance and service life of vehicles, and improve the sustainability of the production process
    PPG Asia Pacific Automotive Vincent Robin , Vice President of Coatings, said, "In the initial stage of the development of China's new energy vehicle market, PPG actively participated in it .
    In the future, we will continue to cooperate with customers to provide advanced coatings and related coatings for emerging new market needs.

      For new energy vehicles, in addition to body coatings and colors, PPG researchers are also vigorously developing coatings, adhesives, sealants and other related products that ensure and promote the application of batteries in electric vehicles
    Among them, the sealant can prevent water from entering the battery box, the electrophoresis (
    ED ) coating can protect the basic components of the battery from aging, and the heat dissipation coating can effectively solve the problem of thermal pressure

    PPG: We protect and beautify the world

      PPG (New York Stock Exchange code : PPG ) has been committed to developing and providing trustworthy paint, coating and material products for customers for 135 years
    Upholding the spirit of dedication and innovation,
    PPG helps customers deal with all kinds of severe challenges and jointly promote the progress of the industry
    PPG is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, with operations and R&D institutions in more than 70 countries around the world .
    In 2017 , the company's global net sales reached US$ 14.
    PPG provides high value-added products and services to customers in the fields of construction, consumer goods, industry, transportation and other fields and their after-sales markets
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