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    Licensed pharmacist: An important notice is here

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Medical Network June 11th, recently, Chinese examination network issued a practice pharmacist professional qualification examination of the relevant notes - secondary education personnel, before December 31, 2020 can register to register for the examination.
    The final examination of practicing pharmacists of secondary education personnel indicates that those who meet the requirements of the "Notice on the Revision and Issue of <> and <>" of the former State Drug Administration (No34 of the People's Development ( 1999) ) may register for the examination before December 31, 2020, and the validity of the examination results shall be carried out in accordance with the original provisions, and the validity of the results of each subject shall be valid until December 31, 2020.
    On 20 March last year, the Ministry of Human And Social Affairs issued the Notice on the Regulations on the Regulations on the Professional Qualification system for Practicing Pharmacists and the Implementation Of the Professional Qualification Examinations for Practicing Pharmacists, which stated: "The examination cycle has been extended from two years to four years, and those taking the examination in all subjects shall pass the examination of all subjects within four consecutive examination years."
    Secondary education personnel (including Chinese medicine apprentices with test-free subjects) can register for the exam by 31 December 2020.
    The results of secondary school candidates are valid for 2 years, and the 2019 and 2020 grades will only be maintained until December 31, 2020That is to say, for college and university qualifications, the 2020 2020 qualification examination is the last opportunity to qualify as a practicing pharmacist.
    If a new candidate is a first-time candidate in 2020, all examination subjects should be completed during the year, as secondary school candidates will no longer be accepted after 2020.
    The conditions for admission to secondary school students are as follows: Those who have obtained a secondary school degree in pharmacy, Chinese medicine or related majors, and who have worked in pharmacy or Chinese medicine for 7 years, may take the qualification examination of practicing pharmacists.
    The professional qualification examination for practicing pharmacists is divided into two professional categories: pharmacy and Chinese medicine.
    The examination subjects in pharmacy are: pharmacy expertise (i), pharmacy expertise (ii), pharmacy management and regulation, pharmacy comprehensive knowledge and skills four subjects.
    The subjects of Chinese medicine examination are: Chinese medicine expertise (i), Chinese medicine expertise (ii), pharmacy management and regulations, chinese medicine comprehensive knowledge and skills four subjects.
    In addition, the conditions are exempt from examination, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State for the appointment of senior professional and technical posts, and for Chinese medicine apprentice, pharmacy or Chinese medicine professional secondary school graduation, continuous engaged in pharmacy or Chinese medicine professional work for 20 years, can be exempted from test medicine (or Chinese medicine) professional knowledge i, pharmacy (or Chinese medicine) professional knowledge II.
    Generally speaking, the professional qualification examination date for practicing pharmacists is in principle October of each year, and for a large number of secondary school qualifications, it is necessary to grasp the last opportunity.
    The requirements for the admission of practicing pharmacists continue to improve The State Drug Administration, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security revised and issued on March 5, 2019, the "State Drug Administration Human Resources and Social Security Department on the issuance of the provisions of the professional qualification system of practicing pharmacists and the implementation of the professional qualification examination of practicing pharmacists notice", to practice pharmacists professional qualification examination, registration, duties, supervision and management of new adjustments.
    According to the latest professional qualification system for practicing pharmacists, the State has set up a system of admission to the professional qualification category of practicing pharmacists and included in the national professional qualification catalogue.
    To apply for the professional qualification examination of practicing pharmacists, one of the following conditions is required: (1) to obtain a college degree in pharmacy, Chinese medicine, and to work in pharmacy or Chinese medicine for 5 years; (3) To obtain a second bachelor's degree in pharmacy, a graduate or master's degree in a chinese medicine major, and to work in a pharmacy or Chinese medicine post for 1 year; (4) to obtain a doctor's degree in pharmacy and Chinese medicine; and (5) those who have obtained a corresponding degree or degree in the relevant majors of pharmacy and Chinese medicine, and the number of years of work in the pharmacy or Chinese medicine-related professions shall be increased by 1 year.
    For some time now, the relevant requirements for practicing pharmacists have been increasing, whether it is examination qualification or continuing education requirements With regard to these changes, the group of practicing pharmacists is under pressure, and this group has been calling for better career returns and development to accompany the increase in requirements.
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