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    Precautions for exterior wall construction when the weather is cooling down

    • Last Update: 2021-12-02
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    As we all know, winter is the most difficult and problem-prone season for paint application

    For exterior wall coating construction, generally speaking, the ambient temperature must be controlled above 5 degrees, and the ambient humidity must be controlled below 80%, otherwise it is not suitable for construction
    However, some projects still need to be constructed due to the requirements of the construction period.
    In order to ensure the quality of construction and the performance of the coating film, the following matters should be paid attention to during the construction period:

    Basic level inspection and treatment

    The base treatment is the basis of exterior wall painting.
    The quality of the base treatment directly affects the adhesion, decoration and service life of the
    Online coatingol.

    A qualified base has five basic characteristics: firmness, smoothness, dryness, neutrality, and cleanliness


    The content of grassroots treatment includes: removing dust, oil, asphalt and other dirt on the surface of the grassroots; reducing or eliminating surface defects; improving the physical or chemical properties of the surface of the grassroots
    In winter construction, when the substrate humidity is too high and the temperature is too low, the maintenance period should be extended to ensure that the moisture content of the base layer is below 10% and the PH value is within 10, which is qualified


    Putty construction

    First of all, putty layer construction can be carried out above the qualified foundation of the base layer
    When the temperature is low during the winter in the daytime, try to work on the wall with sunlight.
    For the construction of the shade wall, ensure that the minimum temperature at night is higher than 0 degrees, otherwise the construction cannot be performed

    Because once the putty layer is frozen, after warming up, a large amount of water in the putty volatilizes, causing the loosening of the tissue, the accumulation of internal stress and finally causing the putty to bulge, crack and fall off


    Secondly, in order to reduce the drying time of the putty layer, the putty should not be batched thickly, and each putty should be scraped after the previous putty is dried, generally 2-3 times
    Finally, the putty must be completely dried before it can be sanded, so that it does not stick to the sandpaper and the surface smoothness is easy to control


    Construction of exterior wall paint

    The exterior wall paint construction is generally divided into three steps, taking real stone paint as an example
    First brush the exterior wall alkali-resistant primer to strengthen the base layer, alkali-resistant back cover, and improve the adhesion of the topcoat

    The primer must be well dried every time, press with your fingers, do not touch your hands, and look at the wall obliquely with opalescence before applying the topcoat


    The second is the construction of the main coating real stone paint.
    Since real stone paint is a high-build water-based paint, when the temperature is low in winter and the humidity is high, its dryness becomes poor and painting is difficult

    In addition, the emulsion is easy to be frozen and broken during the drying and film forming process, and loses the function of bonding and film forming, resulting in problems such as powdering of the coating film

    Therefore, when the natural environment temperature is 5-10 degrees, choose the wall with sun exposure as much as possible, and pay attention to the shade wall to prevent the cold wind from reducing the wall temperature

    The daily construction time should be controlled after 9 a.
    and before 4 p.
    , and construction cannot be carried out in rain, snow, and fog

    Otherwise it will seriously affect the performance of the coating film


    Finally, when the real stone paint is completely dry, apply a layer of water-based finishing paint to improve the anti-fouling, self-cleaning ability and water resistance of the overall wall surface, and enhance the overall effect

    Storage of paint

    In the winter paint construction, the paint stored on site should be placed indoors and placed separately, and ensure that the indoor temperature is above zero.
    When the temperature is below zero, heating must be used to increase the indoor temperature

    Paint that has not been used up during construction should be placed indoors, and products that have been frozen cannot be used again


    Paint film maintenance and finished product protection

    It takes 7 days for the coating film to dry and achieve the best performance on the surface of the object at a standard temperature of 25°C.
    When the temperature of the coating construction environment in winter is generally low, the time for the coating film to dry and achieve the best performance should be relatively prolonged.
    During this period, it is necessary to minimize the pollution and bumps on the surface of the paint film, so as to prevent the repair caused by pollution and bumps from affecting the overall effect


    In short, for exterior wall coatings in winter construction, during the drying and film-forming process of the entire system, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature is higher than 5 degrees and the ambient humidity is lower than 80%
    In winter, construction should be done according to the construction conditions of the site, and corresponding protective measures must be taken to avoid freezing of the coating film as much as possible to ensure the smooth progress of the coating quality and construction progress of the project


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