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    Precautions for standard operation of fluidized granulation coating machine

    • Last Update: 2014-03-17
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    Matters needing attention in the standard operation of fluidized pelletizing and coating machine: fluidized pellet coating machine is a multifunctional equipment with spray drying, granulating, centrifugal pellets, fluidized coating and drying It is compatible with pelletizing, pelletizing, coating and other processes It is especially suitable for pelletizing, pelletizing and coating in medicine, food, chemical and other industries In recent years, fluidizing pelletizing and coating machine has been developed deeply and widely in chemical drying industry, and its operation requirements are more and more standardized and strict In order to avoid unnecessary hidden dangers caused by wrong operation, we should also pay attention to the following aspects in the operation process: 1 Operators must be optimistic when filling, do not put any sundries in the material, and master the temperature 2 If the die head is stuck when the machine is started, the die head temperature is too high It can be normal after a little cooling Generally, the machine does not need to be stopped 3 Generally, the water temperature should be 50-60 ℃, which is low and easy to break the strip If it is too low and easy to stick, Zui should add half of the hot water at the initial start-up If there is no condition, it can be transported to the pelletizer by people for a period of time When the water temperature rises, it can automatically cut the grain to avoid breaking the strip After the water temperature exceeds 60 ℃, cold water should be added into the inner circulation to maintain the temperature 4 The sliver must be pulled evenly before entering the mixing roller, otherwise the pelletizer will be damaged If the exhaust hole overflows, it is proved that the impurities have blocked the filter screen At this time, stop the machine and replace the screen  
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