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    Precautions in the use of pharmaceutical heating low-temperature units

    • Last Update: 2022-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    There are certain differences in the configuration of different manufacturers.
    The pharmaceutical heating low-temperature unit adopts a fully closed pipeline system.
    The main function is to control the temperature through heating and cooling to maintain the temperature stability of the equipment

    So what should be paid attention to in the process of using the pharmaceutical heating low temperature unit? 1.
    Connect the inlet and outlet first, and pay attention to the inlet and outlet of the circulating water marked on the equipment

    Then connect the connecting pipe and power supply of the device, and check whether all valves are open

    After the preparation work is completed, you can press the power button to start it.
    At this time, there may be a reverse alarm.
    The solution is to replace the power cord

    In order to prevent the protection of the water inlet valve from not being opened, it is necessary to check whether the circulating water is normal

    If it is normal, it means that the inlet water pressure is too low, and the pressure switch needs to be adjusted, just start the circulating pump without alarm

    After the alarm is discharged, the equipment can be cycled for a few minutes to set the temperature and use it normally

    If a fault alarm occurs during use, you can check whether there are troubleshooting methods in the manual

    Check all parts of the interior, and make a mark when you hear the sound of air leakage in a certain part

    Carefully pry open the metal plate there, use concentrated soapy water to check the leak point of the pipeline, repair it by repair welding or gluing method, then fill in the foaming agent, repair the pry opening with a larger metal plate, and glue the four sides firmly.


    According to the temperature requirements of the reactor, the type of reaction medium of the pharmaceutical heating low-temperature unit can be determined, and supporting preparations can be made

    For some special environments, isolation explosion-proof types can also be customized according to corresponding requirements, with corresponding explosion-proof grades

    The communication function, set value and actual value of the pharmaceutical heating low-temperature unit are displayed separately to realize automatic management

    Just connect the equipment to the inlet and outlet of the reactor, add the heat transfer medium from the equipment, turn on the adding button, easily remove the air in the system, set the required temperature, and the system will run automatically

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