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    Seize the height of the reach stacker market

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Zhenhua front hanging in recent years in the industry is well-known, we look forward to these three front hanging in Wei harbour blooming lusterOn April 9, Shandong Port Group Wei harbour ushered in a "new partner." A row of giant shore bridge under, 3 wearing red and black "clothes" on the front of the hanging line, it seems very "good"This is Zhenhua Heavy Industries developed the "second generation front hanging", car terminal, 360 panoramic image and other configuration of the new upgrade, optimization, so that users can't wait to witness the power of these new equipmentfront crane, also known as container front crane, is widely used in yard, dock, railway freight and other loading and unloading containers of a mobile machineryIn 2002, the first domestic 45 tons of front algoil, opened the front of the lifting of the firstHuge market demand attracted the Hong Kong machine industry giants have entered, have "tested water", to promote the positive hanging market localization process2012, Zhenhua Heavy Industries noted that this market segment is becoming a bellwether for material handling equipment, and based on this, Zhenhua Heavy Industries officially opened the research and development of frontal hanging3 years of brewing to promote the establishment of Zhenhua Heavy Industries Flow Machine Division, Zhenhua front hanging ready to be launchedJune 15, 2017, Zhenhua Heavy Industries signed a contract with Turkey's Potunus For the Supply of a frontal hanging product, marking the first overseas sales of Zhenhua Heavy Industries' frontal hanging products, opening up the Turkish marketWith the world's leading Hong Kong aircraft equipment brand effect, constantly updated iteration of technological innovation and high-quality and fast product sourl services, since the first new generation of frontal hanging into the market, Zhenhua front hanging as a "black horse", "break into" Turkey, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and other countries more than 80 dockyard, access to users alikeWith the 100th front hanging out of the "home", Zhenhua Heavy Industries in a short period of 2 years to win the front hanging production and marketing "double over 100" good results, become the industry's fastest-growing enterprisesmarket share continues to rise, user demand further refined, front-facing slinging services came into beingAt that time, the front of the market is basically not equipped with automatic brake safety protection devices, if human control failure, the machine is like "out of the wild horse", if the yard and other operating areas have personnel to communicate, the safety risk is very highAs a result, the international user technology team in the project has proposed to increase automatic brake protection and other optional needsin addition to meeting the market matching needs, the front hanging project team deeply want to seize the market, want to think of others do not think, plan ahead, sincerely for the user's sakeIn a number of domestic and foreign inland projects, taking into account the inland wind and sand, dust and other special environmental problems may affect the service life of the equipment, the project team planning in advance, research and development staff He Zhongliang said, "We will be facing the hollow filter position for a higher design, in improving the quality of the air, greatly extend the service life of the filter." "This innovative design has won praise from userswith the growth of demand for frontal hanging in railway transportation, terminal logistics and other fields, the homogenization of domestic product operating performance has become a stumbling block to the development of the industryFang Xingen, vice minister of the flow machine business department, said, "No innovation can only be eliminated, differential development is the road we must go." "In order to seize the market high ground, Zhenhua Heavy Industries face hanging to start a new round of technological innovation, product iterationat present, with variable wheelbase, energy-saving composite cylinders and other patented technology, "third generation front hanging" products will soon be unveiled, officially facing the marketThe front lifting machine weight than the industry's lightest is about 10 tons, fuel consumption is only about 70% of the standard front crane, efficiency than the standard front crane increased by nearly 10%A new generation of frontal hanging will change the whole industry pattern!the future, the huge front allottain market potential, will give birth to global differentiation, customized front alging product demand, a complete global after-sales network system will be established, domestic front hanging in the fierce competition at home and abroad constantly hard work, pioneering and innovative, will usher in great development
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