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    Prefabricated baking becomes a new growth point for e-commerce

    • Last Update: 2022-09-01
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    Our reporter Bao Xiaotie

    The first pre-made bakery festival B2B cloud exhibition, which is exclusively named by Nanqiao Foods, was held recently.

    Pre-made bakery market is growing rapidly

    He Feng, head of Tmall Baking, pointed out in his speech on the theme of "Insight into the New Trend of Prefabricated Baking and Helping the Development of the Current Baking and Catering Market" that the current overall situation of the domestic baking industry can be summarized in three words, that is, large volume , Fast growth and great potential

    According to He Feng, from the perspective of the classification of the baking industry, there are mainly three categories of baking raw materials, baking semi-finished products and baking finished products

    The upstream of the baking industry chain produces raw and auxiliary products, mainly covering flour, oil, food additives,

    Tmall data shows that the growth rate of prefabricated baking is greater than that of raw and auxiliary materials and that of finished baking

    He Feng analyzed that the post-00s bet young consumer groups, "lazy", "picking" and "playing" are their three major labels

    Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, more and more people are staying at home, and more and more people are starting to bake at home, which has led to a rapid explosive growth in the volume of prefabricated baking

    Four types of pre-made bakery products to meet different needs

    Premade bakes are divided into frozen dough, frozen preformed dough, frozen proofed dough, and frozen prebaked bread

    The second category, frozen preformed doughs

    The third category, frozen proofed dough

    The fourth category, frozen pre-baked bread

    So, what is the difference between the third and fourth categories? He Feng said that the fourth category has a pre-baking process, while the third category does not.

    He Feng analyzed that there are three main directions for the future development of prefabricated baking

      He Feng emphasized that these three are a progressive relationship.

    Pre-made egg tarts and pizza are hot on the Internet

      According to He Feng, on Tmall, pre-made baking is currently divided into 5 categories, pre-made egg tarts, pre-made pizza, pre-made western-style pastries, pre-made Chinese-style pastries and pre-made biscuits

      In terms of the richness of the goods, the pre-made egg tarts are mainly Portuguese egg tarts, and various innovative products have appeared in terms of taste, shape and composition

      Pre-made western-style pastries are currently in a growing period online, with a certain scale and a very fast growth rate
    In the process of rapid growth in the number of merchants, the entry of big brands is relatively small, but compared with egg tarts and pizzas, pre-made western-style pastries have been refined to the subdivisions of taste and form
    Western-style pastries are mainly based on product attributes, that is, croissants, mochi, shortening pie, baguettes, European buns, donuts and other products

      Where are the opportunities for new businesses? Pre-made Chinese pastries and pre-made biscuits are in their infancy, and the scale is relatively small at present, but the growth rate is still acceptable
    The number of merchants on the entire online is relatively small, there are no big brands, and new brands have not been established
    In the section of Chinese pastries, it is mainly based on the popular offline Chinese pastries, such as durian cakes, egg yolk cakes, butterfly cakes, wife cakes, moon cakes,
    The pre-made biscuits are mainly cookie biscuits and cranberry biscuits
    It is recommended that brands can make arrangements in advance to seize the opportunity


      "China Food News" (May 30, 2022 Edition 05)


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