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    Prescription outflow accelerated, chain pharmacies are rushing to beach layout

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    according to IQVIA data, the proportion of prescription sales in public hospitals, retail pharmacies and public primary care in China in 2019 was 72.20%, 12.30% and 15.50%, respectivelyHowever, driven by the pharmacy division, prescriptions continue to flow out to pharmacies, domestic drugstore prescription drug sales increased from 57.9 billion yuan in 2011 to 132.1 billion yuan in 2017, retail pharmacy prescription sales are expected to continue to expand in the long termprescription drug outflow is in fact one of the beneficial weapons to achieve "medical separation"It is not only beneficial to restrict the monopoly of medicine in hospitals, to form a market-oriented competition mechanism for drug prices, but also to promote the separation of medicines and break the mode of drug-based medicinein recent years, the state has been pushing for a prescription outflow, hoping to cure the persistent problemof with medicine and the serious waste of health insurance fundsFor example, the Opinions on Further Reform and Improvement of the Policy on the Use of Drug Production and Circulation make it clear: to promote the separation of medicinesMedical institutions should prescribe the drug under the generic name of the drug and offer it to the patient on its own initiativeOutpatients may choose to purchase medicines at medical institutions or retail pharmacies on their own, and medical institutions may not restrict outpatients from purchasing medicines from retail pharmacies on prescriptionand recently, the National Health Insurance Administration and the National Health And Inge Issued "guidance on promoting the Internet and "Health care services", clearly proposed to implement the "long prescription" of the health insurance reimbursement policyunder the promotion of various policies, coupled with the development of online diagnosis and treatment business, prescription outflow has accelerated, the situation of the separation of medicine has gradually formedAccording to industry estimates, the prescription outflow market size in 2020 can reach 400 billion yuanAmong them, retail pharmacies are expected to become the main providersAt present, many retail pharmacies are in the direction of taking on prescription outflow, one after another began to increase investment in this areaIn particular, some drugstore chains have stepped up their own direct stores in 2020 in response to the outflow of prescriptions, as can be seen through the first quarter of 2020 and recent announcementssuch as a statement in March, the company intends to set up a joint venture Yun Pharma Co., Ltd(specific name approved by the competent authorities), on the basis of the pharmaceutical retail chain business, will actively expand the face of medical institutions prescription drugs and intelligent diagnosis and treatment business, to build a multi-faceted large-scale health industry chainin fact, in the active expansion of prescription drugs in the face of medical institutions, the first single-minded pharmaceutical retail enterprises to do somethingIn September 2019, Yifeng Pharmacy announced the establishment of a joint venture to provide users with Internet hospitals, prescription transfer platforms, family private doctors and other servicesIn its annual report released in April, Yifeng Pharmacy has laid out more than 30 DTP pharmacies, including tax revenue of 150 million, to become the DTP layout leaderThe number of medical insurance swipe card varieties reached 70, and the hospital prescription outflow of 220 varietiesAt the same time, slow disease management is progressing smoothly, with 260 stores and 180,000 membersin addition, over the years, the common people continue to promote the development of DTP pharmacy, carry out professional chronic disease management, improve store location, strengthen strategic cooperation with suppliers, strengthen information construction, pay attention to the introduction of pharmaceutical varieties and other ways to undertake prescription drug outflowAs of March 25 this year, sales of prescription drugs and DTP have increased by more than 30% year-on-yearAccording to its relevant person in charge, the future in the store site, the common people plan to use 2 years to achieve 100% coverage of the 3 A hospital, better to undertake the outflow of prescriptions.
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