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    Prescription outflow accelerated! These Dalian locks are arranged

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    China Internet plus medical insurance payment is based on public informationThe "Internet +" medical insurance payment for the epicenter of the new crown epidemic situation in Wuhan is based on the "Internet plus" medical insurance paymentFor the outpatients with severe chronic diseases, the "Internet +" medical service cost included in the medical insurance reimbursement is at least 1300 single / day, of which the number of prescription transfers to the designated pharmacy is over 1100 per day< br / > in terms of service, through the establishment of a professional chronic disease management team, offline large chain drugstores provide professional services such as medication guidance, customer file management, etcfor patients with chronic diseases, offline drugstores have more comprehensive service functions, and offline service ability has become the core advantage of competition between traditional chain drugstores and online drugstores< br / > note: data source: No.1 drugstore, Anxin Securities Research Center< br / > in addition, the variety and regional scope of centralized procurement are increasing, and prescription outflow is "life-saving straw" for pharmaceutical enterprisesAccording to online news, the statistical deadline of the third batch of drug collection catalogue is to the end of June 2020If the progress is fast, it will be started in July< br / > a few days ago, Zhejiang medical equipment procurement center drafted the "procurement document of some medical consumables of public medical institutions in Zhejiang Province (Draft for comments)"This plan has made clear regulations on the medium and price of the winning enterprises, which may lead to a new game in the price reduction of enterprises, and the pharmaceutical stocks in the stock market fell sharply on that day< br / > a number of national and local publications have accelerated the outflow of prescriptions < br / > although public hospitals are still the main channel for drug sales, prescriptions continue to flow to pharmacies< br / > according to iqvia data, in 2019, the proportion of prescription sales in public hospitals, retail pharmacies and public primary medical care was 72.20%, 12.30% and 15.50% respectivelyAt present, public hospitals are still the main channel for drug salesHowever, driven by the separation of medicine, prescriptions continue to flow out to pharmaciesThe sales scale of prescription drugs in domestic pharmacies increased from 57.9 billion yuan in 2011 to 132.1 billion yuan in 2017The sales volume of prescription drugs in retail pharmacies is expected to continue to expand in the long term < br / > in recent years, there have been frequent policies in the retail pharmacy industry Through the introduction of relevant policies such as "cancellation of drug addition", "classification of drugstores", "prescription information sharing", "fixed point of medical insurance for chronic disease drugs", we will promote the separation of medicine and guide the outflow of prescriptions, and make real progress in the outflow of domestic prescriptions < br / > note: according to the official website of the government In the past two years, has been issued by many provinces and cities such as Gansu, Guangxi, Sichuan, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan, Ningxia, Hainan and Hainan, and the key is Internet plus medical health < br / > four A-share chain drugstores in the period of high incidence of epidemic < br / > the overall performance competition of the four companies < br / > in general, the annual revenue of the four listed A-share chain drugstores has exceeded 10 billion yuan < br / > according to the results of the first quarter of 2020, the operation scale of the four chain drugstores is between 3-4 billion yuan From the perspective of growth, they all show a relatively rapid growth trend, with the growth rate of more than 20% or nearby, far exceeding the growth rate of China's pharmaceutical industry and the growth rate of drugstore retail business income < br / > according to the latest data of three major terminals and six major markets of China's pharmaceutical market released by minenet, the annual drug sales in 2019 is 1799.5 billion yuan, with an increase of only 4.8%, of which the sales of retail pharmacies is 419.6 billion yuan, with an increase of 7.1% Among them, DASHENLIN recorded a growth rate of 30.39%, the highest among the four chain drugstores < br / > in terms of net profit, the net profit in the first quarter of 2020 is between 180-300 million yuan In terms of the growth rate of net profit, except that the growth rate of Yixintang is more than 20%, the growth rate of the other three exceeds 20% < br / > from the perspective of net interest rate, it is between 6% - 8.5%, among which the highest is ginseng forest, reaching 8.47% < br / > note: the data is sorted out according to the first quarter report of each listed company in 2020; it is sorted by the size of operating revenue for reference < br / > < br / > note: the data are sorted according to the company's quarterly report in 2020 and annual report in 2019, and sorted by the number of stores for reference < br / > < br / > in addition, it is also related to the fact that the drugstores of DASHENLIN are mainly located in Guangdong Province with a high economic level, while more than half of the stores of Yixintang are located in Yunnan Province with a relatively underdeveloped economic level < br / > in terms of the per capita annual contribution income of the salesperson, except that the per capita annual contribution of the common people is close to 600000 yuan, the other drugstores are all between 400000 and 500000 yuan < br / > note: according to the annual report of each listed company in 2019, sorted by the average daily efficiency, average daily efficiency = average daily operating revenue / store operating area, among which the data disclosed by Da Shen Lin is average monthly efficiency, which is calculated by average monthly efficiency / 30 for reference According to the public data, about 60% of the sales expenses of drugstore chain enterprises are the salary and treatment expenses of sales staff, while the rest are the rent, water, electricity and operation expenses It also includes the daily operation cost < br / > in terms of the proportion of sales expenses, the four enterprises are all in the range of 20% - 30%, and the annual sales personnel expenses are all in the range of 120000-140000 yuan According to this estimate, the average annual salary of the salesmen in these chain drugstores is between 70000 yuan and 80000 yuan < br / > note: the data is arranged according to the annual report of the company for reference < br / > How do the four chain drugstores plan to undertake the outflow of prescriptions? < br / > the outflow of prescription drugs is one of the most powerful weapons to realize the separation of medicine The outflow of prescriptions is conducive to limiting the monopoly of hospitals on drugs, forming a market-oriented competition mechanism for drug prices, promoting the separation of drugs, and breaking the mode of supporting doctors with drugs < br / > with the accelerated outflow of prescriptions and the gradual formation of the separation of medicine, the pharmaceutical retail industry will usher in an incremental market of 100 billion levels Retail pharmacies are expected to be the main recipients < br / > at the hospital end, the circulation of some prescription drugs to the retail market outside the hospital will be accelerated after zero price difference At the end of pharmaceutical enterprises, after volume purchase, the flow of standard and abandoned varieties will increase the layout of retail drugstore market At the drugstore end, leading chain enterprises accelerate the layout of chain stores, hospital side stores, DTP drugstores, medicine e-commerce, etc., improve the pharmaceutical service ability, and significantly enhance the ability to undertake prescription drugs < br / > at present, the "4 + 7" volume purchase has entered the stage of implementation The industry believes that under the background of the continuous expansion of the volume purchase pilot, it is inevitable for pharmaceutical enterprises to shift their sales focus to the outside of hospital, and the outflow market of prescriptions will blow out < br / > according to industry estimates, the market scale of prescription outflow in 2020 can reach 400 billion yuan, which will be mainly undertaken by retail pharmacies, third terminals, etc The general trend of prescription outflow is expected to increase the overall growth rate of the pharmaceutical retail industry Some drugstore chain people said that the bonus of prescription outflow exceeded 100 billion yuan, which is also a definite opportunity for the business development of the drug retail industry in the next two to three years < br / > obviously, in 2020, the four drugstores strengthened the construction of their own direct stores in response to the outflow of prescriptions According to the first quarter report of 2020, the number of drugstores locked in Dalian continued to increase What are the four chain drugstores of a share doing or preparing to do to undertake the outflow of prescriptions? < br / > in 2020, the company plans to continue to develop Sichuan and Chongqing as the first important expansion area, and Guangxi and Hainan as the second expansion area At the same time of opening its own stores, the company will further participate in the integration of industry assets, expand the market through the acquisition of regional high-quality pharmaceutical retail assets, improve market share, accelerate the expansion of Sichuan region, and strive to build Sichuan and Chongqing into the region with the largest sales volume of the company The layout of Sichuan and Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou, and Guangxi and Hainan is formed, which corresponds to Jin, Yu and Jin in North China < br / > in addition, the most important task is to undertake the outflow of prescriptions Actively follow up the pace of medical reform, in order to undertake the huge incremental market brought by the outflow of hospital prescriptions, the company will speed up the pace of new construction and acquisition of stores around the hospital through cooperation with the government, medical institutions, medical insurance institutions and suppliers, and actively explore medical insurance payment, community medical function undertaking, hospital prescription information sharing, etc will actively build "Internet plus" business model, improve the upgrading of Internet plus equipment, and realize the integration of online and offline sales, and complete the company's innovative marketing platform for multi-channel and multi sales mode, so as to further strengthen the company's customer service capability and expand the market share of the company's products and business < br / >, Develop the "new retail" strategy by taking advantage of the advantages of regional network layout of stores, and focus on the "refinement" strategy of customer service, staff skills, commodity structure and store operation quality < br / > in addition to focusing on the development of key provinces to increase market share, strengthen professional services to upgrade customer experience, optimize product structure, and enhance digital to help new retail < br / > in terms of upgrading services, we will further implement the "six Musts" of specialized services in stores, continue to implement such professional services as chronic disease living center, micro medical consultation, customer app, wechat service number medication consultation, disease management, etc., improve the number of licensed pharmacists in stores, and use employee app to train employees in disease consultation and related medication, Join the automatic service machine to assist the staff to improve the professional service ability of disease and drug knowledge Strengthen the information construction, realize the information that can trace the whole process of customers, reach the standard of DTP pharmacy pharmacy pharmaceutical service ability, and prepare for the hospital prescription outflow < br / > in addition, it is planned to establish a social e-commerce platform for health products, develop the framework of member points mall, realize the data connection between members and points, open intelligent diagnosis and treatment, remote consultation, AI assisted diagnosis and drug distribution, DTP and consumer medical products, explore new models of retail medicine, so as to seize the deep sinking market and improve brand awareness < br / > Da Shen Lin < br / > Da Shen Lin has actively applied for remote trial with Guangdong food and Drug Administration in 2018, and undertaken to promote the construction and cooperation of prescription outflow platform in 2019 The company has been in the leading position in the industry In order to undertake the market of prescription outflow, the company seized the market opportunity of hospital prescription outflow and long-term prescription dispensing for chronic diseases, set up specialized pharmacies in advance, and became the first batch of tripartite platform prescription outflow cooperative pharmacies in Wuzhou, Qinzhou, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhaoqing, Yangjiang and other hospitals, prescription information platforms, and retail pharmacies < br / > up to the reporting period, the company had 558 hospital stores, an increase of 48 in the reporting period; 56 DTP specialty pharmacies were planned to be built, an increase of 36 in the reporting period, achieving a sales growth of 251.15%; 28 prescription circulation platform pharmacies, an increase of 14 in the reporting period In 2020, planned to take advanced technology and management with the guidance of "Internet plus" With the rapid development of new retail, it has a profound impact on all aspects of commodity production, circulation and sales, and has carried out online service, offline experience and modern logistics
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