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    Principles and selection of food metal detectors

    • Last Update: 2013-04-18
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      Food Metal Detector Generally has two kinds of working principle, magnetic gas induction principle, electromagnetic induction principle

    The gold detector of the principle of magnetinduction uses a high-strength permanent magnet, which produces a magnetic field from the permanent magnet, and the receiving coil detects the change of the magnetic field, when the ferromagnetic metal passes through, the receiving coil produces a weak voltage signal, which is processed by the rear circuit, in order to achieve the purpose of detection

    The principle of magnetic induction can only detect magnetic metals: such as iron, can not detect stainless steel 304, copper, aluminum, lead, tin and other metals

    The gold detector of electromagnetic induction principle adopts a balanced coil, which produces an interactive high-frequency electromagnetic field through the transmit coil, and the receiving coil distributed on both sides of the transmission coil is the balanced coil, which is connected in reverse phase, and when the non-metallic signal passes, the receiving voltage of the coil is zero

    When magnetic and non-magnetic metals pass through the two receiving coils, there is a change in the signal, depending on the voltage signal changes can determine whether there is a metal foreign body

    At present, food factories generally use stainless steel 304 (even 316), copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic metals, therefore, is widely used are balanced coils of food metal detector, the use of ferromagnetic food metal detector will lead to non-magnetic metal foreign material pollution

    The above brief introduction of the principle of metal detector, as a high-performance metal detector, the need to use more advanced electronic technology and software algorithms, this is the gap between domestic gold detector and importbrand gold detector

    Chi-research detection Pulo series metal detector, relying on a strong research and development team, from electronic technology and software algorithms, have broken through the technical barriers of food metal detector, in many well-known domestic manufacturers successfully applied to become a domestic metal detection brand.
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