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    Probiotic plant Lactobacillus TN8 partially replaces nitrite, sausage quality and safety impact

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    As a probiotic, the relationship between probiotics and humans is getting closer and closer, it can improve the body's immunity, secrete bacterial strains to suppress the bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in fermented foods, but also reduce serum cholesterol and other effectsSeparated plant Lactobacillus TN8 can effectively degrade the sausage Central Asian nitrate during fermentation, and the application potential is very largeSlima of Centre Biotechnolog of Sfax, Tunisia, and others examined the effects of the replacement of nitrite strain on the quality and safety of beef sausage storage during the storage period of the probiotic plant Lactobacillus TN8results showed that the texture characteristics of beef sausages were affected by plant Lactobacillus TN8, mainly in terms of hardness, elasticity and chewability, and the color was significantly affected by the color ratio of a ?/b, but the results of L-than control group were similarWith regard to the nutritional value of beef sausages, a decrease in the pH of sausages formulated with TN8 strains was observed due to the growth of lactic acid bacteria, but no significant difference sharply (P.05)finally, their results showed that adding 7 lg (CFU/g) tN8 strain as a biopreservative in beef sausages effectively reduced the growth of salmonella and mononucleosis listeria in sausages and slowed the oxidation of lipidsOverall, their findings suggest that adding TN8 strains to beef sausage formulations may be a new way to produce healthier sausages by lowering nitrite levelsSource: Meat Research
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